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Project Sharing & Synchronization in BO 4.0 IDT

     BO 4.0 IDT provides you with a new feature of Project Sharing and Synchronization of the Shared Project, to enable working on a Universe Designing Project in collobration or as a team. I belive this is a replacement for the Shared Connection option, present in the earlier versions of BO – used for Sharing of resources or Joint development of resources.

Shared Project

     A shared Project is the one whose resources are shared across with other designers. A Local Project can be converted into a Shared Project from the given menu options.

     Once a Local Project is shared, the Shared Project stored in the Repository will have the same name as the Local Project.  You have an option to rename the Shared Project to any name you want. However, the Name of a Shared Project has to be unique in the Repository.

Once the Projects are shared, the Projects with be listed in the Shared Project view to indicate that it is a Shared Project.

     If a Project is shared by other Designer, and if it’s still not part of your Local Project. You can synchronize the Shared Project from Project Synchronization view to have a copy of the Project on your Local machine.

     Overwriting of a Project resource is avoided by a locking mechanism. Whenever a Designer initiates working on a resource, he has the option to lock the resource.  The lock thus prevents any other Designer from making changes to the same resource simultaneously.


Project Synchronization

Project Synchronization as the name suggest brings both the Projects (from Repository and on Local) at the same level of development stage and helps your manage it.

Project Synchronization view has two parts,

Shared Project pane, list down all the resources from server which are available for Sharing

     Synchronization Status, lists down the status of all the resources from the server as well as locally i.e. if the resource is added, modified, deleted etc. If the resources are changed on the Server, it gives you an option to Synchronize the local copy with the server, or vice versa.

My articles intend to capture my understanding of the new features of BO 4.0 IDT. Please feel free to add your comments / understanding, experiences about the feature or tool.

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  • Hi Sujit,

    Thanks.It gives a good idea about the project synchronization feature.

    I did gave a test on this feature in IDT.And I found below points:

    1) If I have created a shared peoject ,and if any other user is retriving that project and modifying any of .blx/.dfx file ,while saving the changes to the server will that user be able to see if that modifications are being saved on server or not?

    As I could not see  the username changed to that user who has last modified the dfx/blx .

    2) One of my team mate has retrived the shared project from repository and tried to add some more tables in dfx,however wtever tables were added in the dfx were not highlighted under the database schema.Normally existing tables are seen with checkmarked and in bold font

    3) If I have locked the blx file  other user will be not able to work on that .however in case if  Iforgot to lock dfx other user can easily modify the dfx and what if that user deletes some tables from dfx and save it to server? there is a threat to loose my existng changes .we cant lock a whole project in IDT and it is big issue .we have to seperately lock dfx/blx. correct me if I am wrong.

    Please let me know in case above points are incorrect.