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Getting Social Media as part of marketing

One of my major challenges, as I head in to the new year, will be how to incorporate more social media into our marketing plans for the UK team.

In a recent team meeting of about 20 marketers… bar the interns and about 4 others.. the rest of the team put themselves as beginners or skeptics. This is a major challenge. To those of us that use it regularly and understand the benefits,  it is incredbile to think that someone wouldn’t to use it within a campaign. But this is something that I am sure more than just the UK is finding to be an issue. Why should I do it? I don’t want to use my personal account for this, I don’t have time. These are all common reasons given for a lack of use.

Educating the local teams to the benefits is only part of the task though. It is easy to say… if you do this you magnify the reach by x. But to be honest, it’s the engagement that is the hardest part. For teams that are tasked and measured on Marketing generated oppotunities and revenue, time spent on Social media sites can seem to be a waste of time. And when you have sceptics who are a little less enthused about using the tools, this becomes harder.

The social media integration onto the site, led by Simon Talvard, is going to help… allowing employees and customers to interact with SAP and it’s various social channels more effectively.

I hope as we enter into 2013, these changes will see a real uplift of social media within the UK team, and allow us to grow our reach and conversation to new areas.

The UK interns at SAP are running a new education programme in 2013, called Project LIFT… focussing on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. I would encourage anyone who is a little unsure to attend one or more of these workshops, and really try and get social in 2013.

Thanks for reading. 


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