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Creating Visualizations over universe data using SAP Visual Intelligence (Version 1.0.7)

SAP Visual Intelligence can connect to different data sources which include: SAP HANA, Excel spreadsheets, Relational databases & Universes. In this document we will see how to acquire data from a Universe (3.x) using SAP Visual Intelligence & then create visualizations. Here are the steps:


1. Open visual intelligence & select New Document.


2. Select data source as Universe 3.x.

3. Enter the credentials to connect to the BO server & then click connect.


4. Select the e-fashion universe & then click Select.


5. Select the fields which you want to see in your visualization & then click Acquire.


6. We can see the data as:


7. Now to create a Visualization click on the Visualize tab. The following screen will appear:


8. Now we can create different type of visualizations provided by SAP Visual Intelligence.

9. I have created a simple column chart with City as dimension & Sales Revenue as measure.

               1. Right click the City attribute.

               2. Select Make New chart with Sales Revenue.


                3. We will see the following chart:


This was just a simple demonstration. There are a number of different Visualizations available & also a number of different ways of creating those visualizations as per your Business requirement. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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