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Call to transaction CRMD_ORDER by bypassing middle screen.

Introduction : In CRM ,  sometimes we get the requirement to display the order details of the order chosen by the user from  ALV list  and then display the complete order details . This is done with the help of the transaction ‘CRMD_ORDER’. But after selecting one of the orders from the interactive alv list , the transaction cmd_order gets open but with the initial screen .We have to put the order_number over there and execute it . After that complete transactions gets available for the user.

Below steps 1to 4 are displaying the simple flow of transaction while step 5 to 6 displays the flow after the code addition for bypassing the initial screen.

Step 1 : Transaction : CRMD_ORDER


Step 2 : Open the Business transaction :


Step 3 :Put the Order Number :


Step 4 : CRMD_ORDER Screen.


We can bypass the initial screes and directly call the transaction with help of following steps.

Step 1 : Create a simple program to display the list of orders with the order details .

Step 2 : While making the ALV as the interactive one , on the selection of ‘OBJECT_ID’, one object needs to prepare with the help of guid for the transaction.

Step 3 : If object is successfully prepared, call method ‘get_main_screen’ with the object ,

Step 4 : Call the FM ‘CRM_1O_MANAG_CALL_SCREEN_UI’ to get the screen.

Below is the Code to be executed on the USER Command :

*User actions on ALV

FORM user_command USING r_ucomm TYPE sy-ucomm

                        rs_selfield TYPE slis_selfield.

  READ TABLE lt_final INTO ls_final INDEX rs_selfield-tabindex .

  IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

    CASE r_ucomm.

      WHEN ‘&IC1’.

IF rs_selfield-fieldname = ‘OBJECT_ID’.

          gv_1o_frame_pa-transaction_guid =  ls_final-guid.

          CREATE OBJECT gv_1o_manag


              iv_with_navig  = gv_boolean

              iv_1o_frame_pa = gv_1o_frame_pa.

          IF sy-subrc  = 0.

*———-Do Nothing


          CALL METHOD gv_1o_manag->get_main_screen


              ev_dynnr = gv_dynnr.



              iv_dynnr       = gv_dynnr

              iv_1o_frame_pa = gv_1o_frame_pa.

  1. Endif.
  2. Endif.
  3. ENDFORM.                    “user_command.

Output :

Step 5 :        


Step 6:                                   


Summary : In ALV by bypassing the first screen , CRMD_ORDER can be display .

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  • Although this is a nice blog, as you may already realize that transaction CRMD_ORDER is not supported by SAP as of CRM 5.2 and above.  The SAP GUI is no longer a supported interface for SAP CRM as of that release and customers should use the SAP WebClient instead for SAP CRM.

    Thanks for sharing as this blog should be useful for any customer still using the SAP GUI on a lower release of SAP CRM.

    Take care,