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Blog It Forward

Thanks a lot Steffen Fröhlich for forwarding the  “BIF-Baton” to me. If you don’t know about  BIF (Blog-It-Forward) challenge –  Please refer to Moshe Navehs Blog, who initiate this journey around SCN people.  🙂

Tech Side Of My Life:

It all started in 2002 when I was in class 9th and My Dad gifted my a computer that time Pentium-4, with 120-GB of HDD, 512-MB with 256-MB Nvidia Graphics card was supposed to be a powerful machine and I was a proud owner of that 😎 . Since then I got addicted to computers, as within a month I opened the CPU case and started experimenting with RAM an slowly reached to CPU ? , but was never stopped in doing so instead I had a full support of my parents and with that I learned many things on my own.


When I enrolled for Biotechnology at the university I was one of the happiest person as I was doing what I wanted to playing with different though sophisticated apparatus in Biotech lab and I really enjoyed it, but the hunger of learning computers never went away, for that I found a way, I started bunking Biotech class and instead of that I started attending Computer-science class – obviously not always 🙂 and from there my actual learning of Computer science started.

I realized Biotechnology is not for me, and I took a U-turn in 2010, unfortunately that was my final year 😯 . In 2010 I enrolled with SAP education partner and got my self SAP certified as an ABAPer. – though there was many person against my decision as I was about to graduate from a Biotech stream and was suddenly switching my focus to Information Technology and Computer Science. Yes, I struggled 10 months to get a start my career in SAP-domain with a SAP Partner as a fresher, after my SAP ABAP certification but today I am happy about the fact that I am working as a SAP Technology Consultant 🙂 doing what I always wanted to do and is passionate about.

Picture1.jpgMy private set-up during college days. 🙂



Q: If you were 20 again, what would you study?

A: Computer Science but my way 🙂

Q: How do you think the way you were raised affected your Career?

A: The way I was raised has an direct impact on my Career. People who knows me always say “Why You Keep Taking The Risk Always” actually I think this I inherited from my parents. Being a son of a Doctor, I was a pampered kid and was always allowed to do what I wish to, but only for learning good stuffs and skills. I have learned only one thing “Follow Your passion” and with time you will get the success.

Q:What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

A: Be Passionate about what you like and follow it by Heart, never indulge yourself in a bad activity, and always think in Long-term.

Q: What is your personal life dream?

A: To be a successful man with a wonderful family. 😎

Q: What is your professional life dream?

A: Work with SAP Labs for R&D, or on a key Technology. 🙂

Q: What do you most enjoy on SCN?

A: SCN is a living-library of SAP, which gets updated every moment, or can say with humans SCN also breath 😉 and that’s the best thing about SCN, what I enjoy most is the collection of Blogs,Views and Information on SCN about each and every topic. I love to read about SCN People blogs and yes most importantly Recent Updates, about SAP and its Technology 🙂

Q: Which engine souund do you enjoy the most?

A: I love continuous and uniform sound of clusters of servers fans, doing there Job 24x7x365, and recently I fell in love with SAP – HANA XS – engine. ? , and she doesn’t make any sound while working. 😉

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