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Thanks a lot Steffen Fröhlich for forwarding the  “BIF-Baton” to me. If you don’t know about  BIF (Blog-It-Forward) challenge –  Please refer to Moshe Navehs Blog, who initiate this journey around SCN people.  🙂

Tech Side Of My Life:

It all started in 2002 when I was in class 9th and My Dad gifted my a computer that time Pentium-4, with 120-GB of HDD, 512-MB with 256-MB Nvidia Graphics card was supposed to be a powerful machine and I was a proud owner of that 😎 . Since then I got addicted to computers, as within a month I opened the CPU case and started experimenting with RAM an slowly reached to CPU 😏 , but was never stopped in doing so instead I had a full support of my parents and with that I learned many things on my own.


When I enrolled for Biotechnology at the university I was one of the happiest person as I was doing what I wanted to playing with different though sophisticated apparatus in Biotech lab and I really enjoyed it, but the hunger of learning computers never went away, for that I found a way, I started bunking Biotech class and instead of that I started attending Computer-science class – obviously not always 🙂 and from there my actual learning of Computer science started.

I realized Biotechnology is not for me, and I took a U-turn in 2010, unfortunately that was my final year 😯 . In 2010 I enrolled with SAP education partner and got my self SAP certified as an ABAPer. – though there was many person against my decision as I was about to graduate from a Biotech stream and was suddenly switching my focus to Information Technology and Computer Science. Yes, I struggled 10 months to get a start my career in SAP-domain with a SAP Partner as a fresher, after my SAP ABAP certification but today I am happy about the fact that I am working as a SAP Technology Consultant 🙂 doing what I always wanted to do and is passionate about.

Picture1.jpgMy private set-up during college days. 🙂



Q: If you were 20 again, what would you study?

A: Computer Science but my way 🙂

Q: How do you think the way you were raised affected your Career?

A: The way I was raised has an direct impact on my Career. People who knows me always say “Why You Keep Taking The Risk Always” actually I think this I inherited from my parents. Being a son of a Doctor, I was a pampered kid and was always allowed to do what I wish to, but only for learning good stuffs and skills. I have learned only one thing “Follow Your passion” and with time you will get the success.

Q:What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

A: Be Passionate about what you like and follow it by Heart, never indulge yourself in a bad activity, and always think in Long-term.

Q: What is your personal life dream?

A: To be a successful man with a wonderful family. 😎

Q: What is your professional life dream?

A: Work with SAP Labs for R&D, or on a key Technology. 🙂

Q: What do you most enjoy on SCN?

A: SCN is a living-library of SAP, which gets updated every moment, or can say with humans SCN also breath 😉 and that’s the best thing about SCN, what I enjoy most is the collection of Blogs,Views and Information on SCN about each and every topic. I love to read about SCN People blogs and yes most importantly Recent Updates, about SAP and its Technology 🙂

Q: Which engine souund do you enjoy the most?

A: I love continuous and uniform sound of clusters of servers fans, doing there Job 24x7x365, and recently I fell in love with SAP – HANA XS – engine. 😘 , and she doesn’t make any sound while working. 😉

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    • Marssel Vilaça

      Though Biotechnology and ABAP is an interesting combination but its hard to make people understand that a Biotech Graduate can switch into SAP. 😎 and for doc stuff – Let people decide that 😉 .

      Thanks for your appreciation. 🙂

      Best Regards

      Kumar Mayuresh

        • Someday I would love to see my self Implementing SAP HANA/solutions  in some big Biotech/Pharma/Healthcare company  – To make them run better – and eventually Helping the world Run Better” – then that will be a perfect (Biotech+Medical+SAP) 🙂

          Best Regards

          Kumar Mayuresh

  • Hi!

    Welcome to the Blog It Forward family! Thanks a lot for such an inspiring blog.

    Hope to see some more BIFs coming from the Indian SCN community I had to fortune to meet in SAP TechEd Bangalore


    • Hi.

      Thanks for the welcome note 🙂 thanks for the appreciations. I have passed the BIF Baton to 7 SCN People, lets wait for the results.

      It was a pleasure meeting you in SAP TechEd Bangalore. 🙂

      Best Regards

      Kumar Mayuresh

  • Really, the combination of Bio-technology and ABAP is interesting. It seems, the similar thing in both of them is Experiment and Excel.

    It was nice blog and thoroughly enjoyed (Your Computer set up is great 😉 ).



  • Good to see a guy from Bio tech switching into SAP with ABAP certification and now into SAP HANA… It is really great man… Kudos to you 😀

  • Mayuresh

    Nice blog. You wouldn’t believe, I spend 2 and half years of my wonderful and happy-go-lucky teenage in Gaya.

    Best Regards, JP

      • Yes. During that time we, group of friends, were frequent visitor to Bodh Gaya. Most of the time we travelled on bus roof. 😉

        I also visited Patna, Rajgir and Nalanda.

        Regards, JP

        • wow, you have traveled on bus roof, that’s great 😯   till date I haven’t traveled on bus roof..!! and glad to know that you are much familiar with Bihar.

          Looks like few key points are missing from your BIF   🙂 .


          Mayuresh. 🙂

  • Hi Mayuresh,

    Nice blog!

    Wow a computer with 512-MB RAM and 256-MB Nvidia Graphics card 🙂 – too powerful – I only had computer with 64 MB RAM around that time



  • Hi Mayuresh,

    Nice BIF.

    Nice to know you through BIF and seriously your journey from Biotechnology to SAP ABAP is astonishing and yes inspiring as well.

    Enjoyed reading your BIF and the most importantly loved to hear the name of my state as well that is BIHAR. 😉

    Keep up the Good Work. 🙂

    Best of Luck. 🙂



  • Hi Kumar,

    Thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. It was very interesting and different to read you BIF. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing exceptional blog. Keep rocking and sharing new innovation and ideas. I love to read your blogs and happy to comment it.

    Have a nice day!


    Hari Suseelan

  • Hi Mayuresh,

    Cool BIF, Good to know about you and domain switching in your careers. 😀 😀 ..

    Q: If you were 20 again, what would you study?

    A: Computer Science but my way 🙂

    Please share your way…  😛

    • Hi Chandra

      Thanks for your appreciations 🙂 my way of studying any subject is very simple – Just let the person free and allow him/her to study what they want.. not as we have been made to study eg.. Common 1st Year for all Engg Grads and even Biotech people are learning how to do welding and all or Computer Science students are forced to learn biology or other subjects in there first year.


      Kumar 🙂

      • Common 1st Year for all Engg Grads and even Biotech people are learning how to do welding and all or Computer Science students are forced to learn biology or other subjects in there first year.

        Yes Man, i also faced this, i studied near about 70+ subjects in Engg. and knowledge of less then 10% is coming in use..

  • Hi Chandra,

    I think you can do anything and that proved in your professional journey so far from Biotech to ABAPer and going with HANA…

    All the best for your trails with SAP Labs!!

    BR, Srinivas Salpala

  • Hi Mayuresh,

    Welcome to BIF. Good to know you.

    Biotechnology and ABAP is unique combination 🙂

    I can understand how much committed you are to move into SAP. Well done. You are inspirational to many other freshers who are intended to move into SAP.

    Best Regards,