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SIT Bangalore (India) 2012 – Wake up call!

There have seen lot of questions on SIT India to be held at different locations. I have seen many questions being asked via comments in blogs/discussions if SIT would take place at a particular location in India e.g.

For the first time, SIT India is taking place at four locations: Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. Kolkata and Hyderabad is over with grand success as can be seen by many tweets  of Dipankar Saha with tags #sitkol and #sitind. SIT Bangalore is taking place at SAP Labs on December 15 i.e. the coming weekend. There cannot be any better utilization of a Saturday than spending it on a SAP Inside Track (SIT) event. I came to know about SIT last year and had various doubts before attending it like should I attend or not, what happens in SIT and many others as can be seen in the comment of this blog. I would suggest anyone having doubts like why to attend SIT, to read one of these blogs by Somnath Manna

It does not matter whether you are functional or technical or others to attend SIT. It can be considered as a mini-TechEd as we get to know the latest topics and also network with like-minded people. The only thing required is to come there with an open mind to learn and network. It even does not even matter if you are new to SAP and not aware of latest happenings. You would get to know about that at SIT to a good extent and can certainly research later. There is variety of topics discussed. A lot can be learnt from fellow community members. The best part is, these events are organized and participated by the community members themselves including SAP Mentors.

As can be seen from the agenda there are good topics to be discussed at Bangalore and of course there is lot of fun. If you are thinking of your dressing, there’s already a blog addressing that. However, in short, dressing is casual. In 2011 we had a great response from fellow participants and can be seen in one of the many blogs written by them after attending the SIT.

One could visit this wiki to get all the details related to SIT India 2012. I have already registered myself for SIT Bangalore to be held at SAP Labs on Dec. 15th. To register one could follow the links highlighted in this blog or link provided in this wiki under how to participate section! If you have any questions related to SIT India, feel free to comment on this blog. I would suggest anyone interested to register at the earliest before the registration gets closed and the list gets finalized.

Looking forward to see you at SIT Bangalore this Saturday!

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  • Hi Kumud,

    Great arguments for going to Bangalore next Saturday and attending the SAP Inside Track! Good links also to all necessary (and not so necessary) info, so IMO there really is no excuse whatsoever not to go.

    Only thing that I couldn’t find was your session proposal. I’m sure I must have missed it, had something to do with Design Thinking, right? 😆 (JK)

    Have fun Saturday!

    Cheers, Fred