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Universe Conversion in BO IDT 4.0

Going forward the legacy Universe Designer tool is going to be replaced by the new Information Design tool. As a result, all the .Unv universes developed using Universe Designer will have to be moved to .Unx. To facilitate this SAP had provided a simple Universe Conversion option which converts your existing Universe in the new format.

Information Design tool, provides you with option to either convert the Universes stored on the

–          File Repository or

–          In Local Storage

Below are the steps to do the same,

File Menu.jpg

Conversion Window.jpg

  1. In the Information Design tool, from File Menu, select “Convert .UNV Universe” option
  2. A window “Convert .UNV Universe” window will open, which will give you an option to choose the Repository or Local Storage from which to convert the Universe
  3. For the selection box, Universe (.unv) to convert, select .unv Universe from Repository icon
  4. Below that, click on browse and select a folder in Repository where you want to save the converted Universe
  5. Next step is to choose a Local Project Folder in which you want to want to save the converted Universe
  6. Check “Automatically convert @Prompt expressions into universe named parameters” as all the @Prompts will have to be converted into Named Parameters format
  7. Click Ok’ and you have your selected Universe broken up into IDT compatible components, for use with Information Design tool. i.e. The conversion process creates the equivalent .unx universe, with the associated Data Foundation Layer, Business Layer, Connection shortcuts and rights
  8. You cannot convert the XI3.1 universe directly to the new format, first you will have to upgrade the old universe to new Universe using Upgrade Management Tool and then follow the steps 1-8

You cannot convert the following types of .unv universes:

     • OLAP universes

     • Stored procedure universes

     • Universes based on a Data Federator data source

     • Javabean universes

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