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Two Bid Envelope and Multi- Party Verification Process in SAP SRM


Overview of Two Bid  Envelope Process:


Purpose: Two-envelope RFx responses are used to collect and evaluate technical RFx response information separately from price RFx response information. This allows the purchasing organization to evaluate RFx responses based on factors such as technical capabilities before viewing the price information. RFx respondents submit a technical RFx response and a price RFx response. You can influence the way in which technical RFx responses are stored, accessed, opened, and evaluated.

Overview of Multi- Party Verification Process:

  Purpose: We can use this process to allow multiple users to approve the RFx response opening process by simultaneously logging on to the system within a given time period. This allows you to introduce multi-party verification into the RFx response opening process. By default, simultaneous logon is only available for RFxs with two-envelope RFx responses.

       Before starting the simultaneous logon process, the purchaser must assign participants the necessary permissions for their role in the process.The purchaser then initiates the simultaneous logon process. After initiation, the approvers, in this case, the RFx response openers, must approve the opening process by logging on to the Simultaneous Logon Application. Only after all RFx response openers have verified the process by logging on, is it possible to view and evaluate the RFx responses


1. Purchaser selects Two envelope RFx Transaction type.

2. System automatically creates a collaboration room in SAP cFolder for RFx and folders with the name:a) Collaboration, b)External Area, c)Internal Area is created within this Collaboration room.

3. Purchaser uploads the Collaborative document in Collaboration folder and Technical RFx in External Area .

4. Purchaser fills the remaining RFx and define permissions for Technical Opener, Price Opener, Technical Evaluator. By default, Bid-Floor admin right is with the owner of the RFx.

5. Purchaser Publish the RFx.

6. Supplier view the RFx and access the cfolder( Technical RFx) through Technical Bid Button. Supplier Collaborate with the Buyer through Collaboration folder, download the Technical RFx from External Area.

7.Supplier show his intention to participate in RFx by clicking over Participate button and clicks over Create response which result in automatic creation of Tech_Bid folder with Supplier name  in C folder.

8. Supplier uploads his technical response and submit his price bid.

9. Bid Floor admin initiates the Technical Bid Response opening process. All Technical opener gets email notification to open Technical RFx Response by Simultaneous logon.

10. Once Technical RFx Response opening process is done,Technical Evaluators receive email containing  URL to evaluate the Technical RFx Response.

11. Evaluation folder with Evaluator name automatically gets created in Cfolder, where Evaluator uploads his evaluation document and Comments.

12. Depending upon the Evaluation Comments the Purchaser accept/reject Technical Responses.

13. Bid Floor Admin initiates the Price Response opening process for Suppliers whose technical Response have been accepted.

14. Price opener receives notification and price opening process is done by simultaneous logon process.

Settings Need to be done in SPRO:


Prerequistes: SRM_SOURCING_1 must be activated.

Basic Setting:

Activate the two-envelope RFx response function in Customizing for SAP Supplier Relationship Management under:  SRM SRM Server>>RFx>>Extended RFx Process>>Two-Envelope RFx Response>> Activate/Deactivate Two-Envelope RFx Response

Click Over Activate/Deactivate Two-Envelope RFx Response:

  Steps to Configure Simultaneous Logon:


1. Activate simultaneous logon in Customizing for SAP Supplier Relationship Management under: SRM Server>>RFx>>Extended RFx Process>>Simultaneous Logon>>Activate/Deactivate Simultaneous Logon at RFx Response Opening

The system sends an e-mail to participants notifying them that the simultaneous logon session was completed successfully.


2. We must configure the duration of the process and specified when you require an e-mail notification to be sent to participants in Customizing for SAP Supplier Relationship Management under  SRM Server >> RFx >> Extended RFx Process  >>Simultaneous Logon  >>Define Basic Data for Simultaneous Logon./wp-content/uploads/2012/12/3_162365.png


The system sends an e-mail to participants notifying them that the simultaneous logon session was completed successfully.


Failure: The system sends an e-mail to participants notifying them that the  simultaneous logon session has failed and must be repeated.
Initiation: The system sends an e-mail to participants notifying them that the s    simultaneous logon session has been initiated by the purchaser and that they must go to the simultaneous logon application and approve the process.


Steps to Activate Two Bid Envelope Process:

Activate the simultaneous logon function for the required transaction and publication type in Customizing for SAP Supplier Relationship Management under
SRM Server >>RFx >>Extended RFx Process >>Tendering Options >>Define Tendering Options
Define Transaction Type and Select the Option Two Envelope and Sim Logon:


Define Basic data for Two envelope RFx Response:
Check TbidE-Mail – To send an Email notification to the Bidders informing them about whether there Bids has been accepted or Rejected by the evaluation panel.
Check Reject Pr.- To Specify that the price RFx Response should be automatically rejected when technical RFx Response is rejected.


Define basic Settings for Technical RFx Response Folders:


Create Entries as below if not created already:



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