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SAP TechEd over! What is the Action plan next!!

With lots of fun, full of excitement, tons of learning, wonderful networking, helpful document sources, we ends up our SAP TechEd session last week, hope almost all of them back to their office with regular work. Since from the last day, last hour of the TechEd Bangalore, the only thought is coming again and again is “SAP TechEd over! What is the action plan next! “

Each of them has lots of purpose to visit TechEd, but most common purpose is to learn about SAP New products, understood and deep dive into SAP customer solutions, applications and moreover meet the experts, product owners by person and to get guidance.

I met couple of extraordinary people in SAP TechEd Bangalore, where they attended almost 8 hands on (I purposely counted). It should be appreciated, but what is next? I didn’t ask them any question, but truth is, there are lots of things are in our hand at the end of TechEd, where to start… let’s make very simple…

Making Use of My agenda Builder Tool

This year TechEd, something special for SAP content download. we can download all the documents, including customer presentation, Hands on exercises (Even if you not registered for Hands on or you registered for only two) from the My agenda builder tool… Take some time… Download it, read it, practice it any time! All the time!

Utilizing SAP Trial version offer

In TechEd we might attended lots of hands on session, But In customer environment might be dont have all the software and SAP products installed. But good news is that, now SAP providing trail version for most of its products.

Some of them are, Explorer | SAP HANA, , SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand | SAP® BusinessObjects™ OnDemand

One of the awesome spaces in SCN is SAP Developer Center. Everything is free in this space. You can enjoy all NW cloud, Mobility apps and much more here.

Everlasting interest on Solution manager, here the live demo system in cloud Lifetime Support by SAP » Live Demo

Try to use and practice all of them as much you can!!

Networking With Go Green

Might be you met some new friends, experts, business contacts in TechEd. Instead of connecting them in need by business card, connect them immediately any one of the social media (LinkedIn, Twitter). This should help in sharing information later on, and also one of the Go Green Initiation 🙂

Replay Live sessions Repetitively

Executive Key note is always special. SAP’s whole year strategy and general road map of the products are shared in keynote, in addition we got lots of Technology Innovationproducts showcase. (Like SAP Fun apps, SAP Screen Personas). Watch session replay again and again, get familiar with the new technology innovation and find the space for implementation of these products in your customer space,

Also this year almost 80 interviews recorded from the social media in Teched Live Bangalore, details here SAP TechEd Live 2012 Bangalore Interviews, These are very interesting and must listen live interviews including experience sharing, experts talks, customer’s success story.

SAP Inside Track

Fresh up and recap your SAP TechEd Experience at local SAP Inside Track events. Check the recent scheduled SAP Inside track in your nearby location here SAP Community Network Wiki – Community Events – SCN Community Events

Design Thinking Workshop

This is part of SAP’s new development strategy, as we heard lot, Empathy is the core of Design thinking, it is one of the Human values, and we can’t get it by bench mark. We need to have a continuous practice to make it perfect. The wonderful sharing about role of empathy in design thinking is available here. (I will try to share some insights about this later on).

Understood, Apply, Experience…. And share!!

I am sure everyone gets satisfied and filled up with the year end SAP TechEd conference. It takes time to digest… Last but not least… Once you understood, applied the learning, experience the benefits… And finally don’t forget to share with us in SCN either with the blogs or as “how to articles”.

Will meet again SAP TechEd 2013…

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