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Create an Organizational Structure , custom evaluation path and explore it using ABAP

Objective :

  • Create an Organizational Structure
  • Create a custom evaluation Path
  • Write ABAP Code to fetch Organizational data

Create an Organizational Structure

To Understand the concept well , Let us create very small organizational unit using simple mode.

Business case: Let the Organization RORG is the root organizational unit and ORGA , ORGBand ORGC  are three reporting Org Units and each organization has 2 positions one manager-HR and one engineer-IT.

Step-1: Create root Org Unit

Enter The transaction PPOC_OLD and enter the below details.

Organizational Unit              rorg
Name                                 root organizatioanl unit

Editing period                      01.01.2000  To   31.12.9999

Step-2 Create two orgunits ORGA and ORGB under RORG

Select the organisational unit and press F7 and enter two org unit names and descriptions.

Step-3 Create postions Manager-HR and manager-IT under both orgnisatioanl units

Click on Staff Assignments.

Select the orgnisatioanl Unit (ORGA) and click on position button , create two position manager-HR and engineer-IT.

and repeat the same process for organisation ORGB also.

The org structure should look like below.

O  50000648 rorg         root organizatioanl unit

       O  50000649 Is line supervisor of     orga         organisation-A

           S  00000013 Incorporates              manager-HR   ORGA-HR Manager
           S  00000014 Incorporates              engineer-IT  ORGA enginner-IT

       O  50000650 Is line supervisor of     orgb         organisation-b

           S  00000016 Incorporates              manager-HR   ORGB  manager-HR
           S  00000017 Incorporates              engineer-IT  ORGB engineer IT

Create a custom evaluation path

Evaluation path give the idea to navigate the organisation structure and fetch the details.For exmaple our objective here is to fetch all the organisational units below an organisational unit.use trasnaction OOAW to create the same(V_T77AW).

EvalPath      No.  OT  S Rel   Pr  RO   S

ZSDN_O-O  10    O   B 002   *    O

Write ABAP code to fetch organisation structure

Function Module RH_PM_GET_STRUCTURE is used to get the details.


  Import parameters               Value

  PLVAR                              01
  OTYPE                             O
  OBJID                              50000648
  BEGDA                            01.01.1900
  ENDDA                             31.12.9999
  STATUS                            1
  WEGID                             ZSDN_O-O
  AUTHY                               X
  DEPTH                               0
  ACTIV                                X

Return will be

OBJEC_TAB                          0 Entries

                  Result:           3 Entries

STRUC_TAB                          0 Entries

                  Result:           3 Entries

GDSTR_TAB                          0 Entries

                  Result:           1 Entry

And the contents of Object tab follows,

PL OT OBJID    BEGDA      ENDDA      I H SHORT        STEXT                                    REALO

SG O  50000648 01.01.2000 31.12.9999 1   rorg         root organizatioanl unit                 50000648
SG O  50000649 01.01.2000 31.12.9999 1   orga         organisation-A                            50000649
SG O  50000650 01.01.2000 31.12.9999 1   orgb         organisation-b                             50000650

We can write an ABAP program to call this function module and navigate complex structures. So this blog explains how evaluation path , organisational structure can be explored more using ABAP coding.

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