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RF Scanner to SAP Delivery Doc problem





  Short Description:
  RF Scanner to SAP Delivery Doc problem

  Long Description:
  They have an issue where serial numbers scanned in the RF Mobile process for
  outbound deliveries are not transferring correctly to the outbound delivery
  document. Please see attached document. (Investigation for material
  D54G01P8203 revealed a great number of serial numbers and deliveries listed
  on the ZRFSER table do not match the serial number listed in the deliveries
  when viewed with VL03N and IQ03 Serial Numbers: P0021755 – IQ03 = del
  500215408, ZRFSER = del 500065999 P0021973 – IQ03 = del 500259925, ZRFSER =
  del 500065999 Serial number P0017288 listed on delivery 500065999 but not
  found on the ZRFSER table. The same for several more serials listed on
  delivery 500065999. Added by Chuck Leyendecker 10/4/2012)

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