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Pre-requisites for using SAP Extractors through BODS

Consuming SAP Extractors through BODS

This document has been prepared to share the pre-requisites that the SAP ECC system should meet, for using extractors through BODS for data extraction.

SAP system details – SAP ECC 6.0 (For the relevant support package refer to the “Pre-requisites in the SAP ERP system” section of the document).

BODS system details – BODS 4.0

With BODS 4.0, SAP has included a new feature to consume SAP Business Content Extractors to extract data from SAP ERP system, which till now have been consumed primarily by SAP BW/BI.

Pre-requisites in the SAP ERP system:

1. RFC connection between BODS and SAP ERP system should exist.

2. SAP ERP system should be upgraded to the level indicated below:


Figure1: SAP PI_BASIS release and support package versions (Source : SAP SDN)

To know the current release and support package version, please follow the below steps

  1. Login to the SAP ERP system using the login credentials.

  ii.  Goto System à Status. Refer to the screenshot below:


Figure 2: SAP System Status

   iii.  The screen as shown below opens


Figure 3: SAP ECC Component version

   iv.  Click on the magnifying glass to know about the release and support package details


Figure 4: SAP PI_BASIS Version

The Release version of the Software component corresponding to PI_BASIS should match with the release version shown in Figure 1.

The Level corresponding to the release should match with the support package details shown in the screenshot in Figure 1.

3. OpenDataProvider API (ODP API) should be installed in the SAP ERP system. The best way of installing ODP is installing a Service pack for ECC 6 system as everything will be included in that. As an alternative, the required ODP function modules can be installed manually or by implementing the SAP Note 1521883, as it contains all the details and lists the additional SAP Notes to fix the issues.

For details on how to find the relevant Notes, refer to the following link –

4. The following SAP Notes should be implemented in the SAP ERP system along with SAP Note – 1521883.

1558737 – Few function based extractors have been released (Refer to the below table)

1585204 – Table/Domain based and customer built extractors

To check if the Notes are already implemented in the system, use transaction code – snote.

If the notes are not implemented in the system, contact your internal SAP Basis team to implement them.

Extractors supported by SAP BODS 4.0:

SAP BODS 4.0 supports the entire table based extractors and most of the function based extractors. To know the complete list of function based extractors supported by SAP BODS 4.0, refer to the following link –

SAP BODS 4.0 does not support hierarchy based extractors as it is still under development. However, it can be consumed using the Data services method.


Before enhancing an extractor, please ensure that there is no dependency with any other tool using the extractor. In case, BW is using the extractors, the matter must be taken up for discussion with the SAP BW team.

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