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MM Customizing Tcodes

OLMB IMG Inventory Management
OLME IMG View: Purchasing
OLMR IMG Invoice Verification
OLMRLIST Maintain List Variant
OLMSRV Customizing MM-SRV
OLMW IMG Valuation/Acct Assgt
OM1R Maint. Periodic Invoicing Plan Types
OMB1 Dynamic Availability Check
OMB2 Create SLoc. Automatically (GI)
OMB3 Create SLoc. Automatically (GR)
OMB4 Maintain Print Indicator (GI)
OMB5 Maintain Print Indicator (GR)
OMB6 Change Manual Account Assgt.
OMB9 Change Document Lives
OMBA Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs.
OMBB Batch Where-Used List
OMBC Set Missing Parts Check
OMBD Business Area from MM View
OMBG Set Stock Balance Display
OMBH Phys. Inventory Settings in Plant
OMBN Defaults for Reservation
OMBO Assign Forms and Programs
OMBP Freeze Book Inventory Balance
OMBR General Print Settings
OMBS Reasons for Movements
OMBT No. Ranges: Mat. Doc./Phys.Inventory
OMBU Allocate Layout Sets to Reports
OMBW Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement
OMBZ Rev. GR Despite Invoice
OMC0 Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt
OMC1 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
OMC2 Number Assignment for Reservations
OMCD “Suggest “”Del. Completed””Indicator”
OMCE Define Batch Level
OMCF Print Label
OMCG Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MM
OMCH Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)
OMCJ Screen Layout: Goods Receipt
OMCN Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv.
OMCO Set Cycle Counting
OMCP Dynamic Availability Check: GI
OMCQ Settings for System Messages
OMCR Inventory Sampling: St.Mgmt Lvl: WM
OMCS Activate Batch Status Management
OMCT Batch Definition
OMCU Batch Status Management in Plant
OMCV Classify Batches
OME1 MM-PUR Purchasing Value Keys
OME2 MM-PUR Terms of Payment
OME4 MM-PUR Purchasing Groups
OME5 MM-PUR Activate Plant: Source List
OME9 MM-PUR Acct. Assignment Categories
OMEC Copying Control Maintenance
OMEE MM-PUR Reorganization RFQ
OMEH MM-PUR User Maintenance
OMEI MM-PUR User Profiles
OMEL MM-PUR Certificate Categories
OMEN MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Time
OMEO MM-PUR Number Ranges: Info Record
OMEP MM-PUR Number Ranges: Source List
OMEQ MM-PUR Quota Arrangement Rules
OMES MM-PUR Comments on Quotation
OMESCJ Activate chargeable info records
OMET Settings for Function Authorizations
OMEV Determine Consgt. Valuation Prices
OMEW MM-PUR Requisition Processing Time
OMEX MM-PUR Reorganization: Requisition
OMEY MM-PUR Reorganization PO
OMEZ MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Time
OMF0 MM-PUR Activate Cond. for Plant
OMFI Settings for Default Values
OMFK MM-PUR Field Selection: Vendor
OMFN MM-PUR Schema Groups: Vendor
OMFO MM-PUR Find Calculation Schema
OMFP MM-PUR Schema Group <-> Pur. Org.
OMFR MM-PUR Mkt. Price Schema: P. Org.
OMFSC MM-PUR Chge.-Notice-Relev. Fields
OMFT Message Determination Requirements
OMFZ MM-PUR: Stock Transfer Schema
OMG0 MM-PUR Item Cat./Acc. Assgt. Cat.
OMGB MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Purch.)
OMGF MM-PUR Output Device: Messages
OMGG Settings for Message Determination
OMGH MM-PUR: Transaction/Event Keys
OMGM Settings for Subcontracting
OMGQ_CHAR Charact. Maint.: Release Procedure
OMGQCK Release Procedure Checks
OMGSCK Release Procedure Checks
OMH6 Number Ranges for Purch. Documents
OMH7 Number Ranges for Purch. Requisition
OMHS Display Info Record Transfer File
OMHU Example File: Batch Input Info Rec.
OMJ1 Allow Negative Stocks
OMJ2 Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->Employee
OMJ3 Printer Determination Plant/SLoc.
OMJ4 Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User Grp
OMJ5 Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl
OMJ7 Plant/Val.Area – Divis. -> Busin.Ar.
OMJ8 Create Stor. Loc. Automatically
OMJA Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement
OMJD Set Missing Parts Check
OMJE Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl
OMJI Set Material Block
OMJJ Customizing: New Movement Types
OMJN General field selection: goods mvmnt
OMJR Printer Determin.: Message Type/User
OMJU “Gen. field selection
OMJX GR Field Selection From Procurement
OMKH MM-PUR Reg. Vend. Source of Supply
OMKI MM-PUR Default Purchasing Org.
OMKJ MM-PUR P.Org. Cross-CoCode Release
OMKK MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Material
OMKL MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Acc. Assgt.
OMKM MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Plant
OMKN MM-PUR Assign Tax Inds. to Plant
OMKO MM-PUR Assign Tax Inds. to A. ***.
OMPN MM-PUR Purchasing Manuf. Part No.
OMQ1 Transfer of Purchase Orders
OMQ2 Transfer of Purchase Order History
OMQ5 Edit PO Transfer File
OMQN Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order
OMQP Fine-Tuned Ctr.: Sch. Agmt. Schedule
OMQQ Fine-Tuned Control: Service Entry
OMQS Assign Schema to Purchase Order
OMQV Assign Schema to Service Entry Sheet
OMQW Entry Aids w/o Material Master
OMQX Default Asset Class for Mat. Group
OMR0 C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)
OMR2 C RM-MAT MR Default Incoming Invoice
OMR4 MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming Invoice
OMR6 Tolerance limits: Inv.Verification
OMR9 C RM-MAT MR Payment Block Reasons
OMRA C MM-IV Val.Cat./Subs.Debit/Credit
OMRC C MR Alloc. User/Tolerance Group
OMRD Configure Duplicate Invoice Check
OMRF C MM_IV Activate Stochastic Block
OMRG C MM-IV Stochastic Block Values
OMRH C MM-IV Activate Item Amount Check
OMRI C MM-IV Item Amount Check Parameters
OMRK Mail to Purchasing
OMRM C MM-IV Customer-Specific Messages
OMRMB Screen Selection Header Data Screen
OMRN C MM-IV Carry Forward Price Change
OMRP G/L Account Auth. in Purchase Order
OMRV Invoice Status Change
OMRX Vendor-Specific Tolerances
OMRY EDI Program Parameters
OMSB C MM-BD Special Stock Description
OMSK C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025
OMTB Output Program: Purchase Order
OMTG Output Partner: Purchase Order
OMTH Output Partner: Outline Agreement
OMUP Forecast Schedule: Transm. Profile
OMW0 C MM-IV Control Valuation
OMW1 C RM-MAT MW Price Control
OMW4 C LIFO/FIFO-Relevant Movements
OMW5 C Devaluation by range of coverage
OMW8N C Stock Weighting (Mvt Rate)
OMW8R C Stock Weighting (Rge of Coverage)
OMW9 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch.
OMWB C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)
OMWC C MM-IV Split Material Valuation
OMWD C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area
OMWE C LIFO/FIFO Valuation Active?
OMWEB Maintain C Valuation Tracks
OMWL C LIFO/FIFO Global Setting
OMWM C MM IV Control: Accnt Determination
OMWN MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Type
OMWO C MM-PUR: Purchase Account Mgmt
OMWW MM Account Determination Wizard
OMXX Update Contr. Release Order Docu. MM
OX01 Company Code -> Purchasing Org.
OX08 Define Purchasing Organization
OX09 Customize storage locations
OX10 Customize plant
OX14 C MM-IV Valuation area – val. level
OX17 Plants -> Purchasing organization
OX18 Assignment Plants -> Company Code
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  • Dear Samir,

    Thank you for your post. I have a question.

    Does SAP have Standard SAP TCodes on mobile devices or mobile apps developed by SAP that use TCodes ? if yes can you tell me names or links .



  • My suggestion is to have the description of the Tcode listed in alphabetical order. That way, one can find the Tcode by going directly to the description. Otherwise, one is expected to know the Tcode from  that list.

  • I am actually the opinion that such lists are not useful at all. The IMG is  living. It grows with each release, it grows with activation of business functions. Such list is just static. You do not know whether it is complete. you only have a transaction code and a name and do not know what to do.

    If you access the IMG task  via transaction codes, then you miss the option to read the documentation. The docu button is available in front of the IMG task. and you miss the related IMG task which do not have an extra transaction code.

    and in SCN this list is always presented if you use a transaction code to search for meaningful information, but this information cannot be pulled from this list at all. so it is just disturbing.

  • Hi,

    it is good efforts to listed out the detailed transaction codes,But it certainly missing enjoing of Documentations that IMG Guide gives,

    it is better to peruse for the IMG Guide.