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MM Authorization objects

This will help in creating group roles for MM Consultants.

M_AMPL_WRK Approved Manufacturer Parts List – Plant
M_ANFR_BSA Document Type in RFQ
M_ANFR_EKG Purchasing Group in RFQ
M_ANFR_EKO Purchasing Organization in RFQ
M_ANFR_LGO Plant/Storage Location in RFQ
M_ANGB_BSA Document Type in Quotation
M_ANGB_EKG Purchasing Group in Quotation
M_ANGB_EKO Purchasing Organization in Quotation
M_ANGB_LGO Plant/Storage Location in Quotation
M_ANGB_WRK Plant in Quotation
M_APPL_ANL LIS Customizing: Applications
M_AUSW_MCC Evaluation: Application
M_BANF_BSA Document Type in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_BWK Procuring Plant in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_EKG Purchasing Group in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_EKO Purchasing Organization in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_FRG Release Code in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_LGO Plant/Storage Location in Purchase Requisition
M_BANF_WRK Plant in Purchase Requisition
M_BCO_EKOR INVCO Document Evaluations: Purchasing Organization
M_BCO_VKOR INVCO Document Evaluations: Sales Organization
M_BCO_WERK INVCO Document Evaluations: Plant
M_BEST_BSA Document Type in Purchase Order
M_BEST_EKG Purchasing Group in Purchase Order
M_BEST_EKO Purchasing Organization in Purchase Order
M_BEST_EXP Progress Tracking Group
M_BEST_LGO Plant/Storage Location in Purchase Order
M_BEST_WRK Plant in Purchase Order
M_BSV_ALL Authorization for BSV
M_BSV_CONF Authorization for Creating Rule in BSV
M_BSV_PROC Authorization for Valuation Procedure in BSV
M_CP_INVDT Authorisation object for consignment processing
M_CUFO_MCS Customizing Update Parameters: Application
M_CUST_MCS Customizing: Standard Analyses/Application Settings
M_CUTR_MCS Customizing: Transport
M_DDIC_DOB Evaluation Structure: DD Table
M_EINF_EKG Purchasing Group in Purchasing Info Record
M_EINF_EKO Purchasing Organization in Purchasing Info Record
M_EINF_WRK Plant in Purchasing Info Record
M_EINK_FRG Release Code and Group (Purchasing)
M_EVNT_ANL Maintain LIS Inbound Interface for External Data
M_FCAT_ANL Field Catalog: Application
M_FIP_AOR Authorization for FIP  Area of Responsibility
M_FIP_MNG Perishable Manager / FIP Manager
M_FORECAST Material Forecast
M_GRPT_WWW User is authorized to perform Goods Receipt via WWW
M_HIER_MCK General Hierarchy
M_INFO_ANL Info Structure: Application
M_INFO_FOR Update Formula/Conditions: Application
M_INFO_GEN Generation: Info Structures/Update Definition
M_INFO_MCB Evaluation: Evaluation Structure
M_INFO_MCC Evaluation Structure: Application
M_INFO_MCD Planning: Information Structure/Version
M_INFO_UPD Define Updating: Application/Information Structure
M_IS_DISPO LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / MRP Controller
M_IS_EKGRP LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Purchasing Group
M_IS_EKORG LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Purchasing Org.
M_IS_KENNZ LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Key Figure
M_IS_LGNUM LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Warehouse Number
M_IS_MATKL LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Material Group
M_IS_MTART LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Material Type
M_IS_SELVS LIS Standard Analysis: Selection Versions
M_IS_SPART LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Division
M_IS_VKBUR LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Sales Office
M_IS_VKORG LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Sales Organization
M_IS_VTWEG LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Distribution Channel
M_IS_WERKS LIS Standard Analysis: Info Structure / Plant
M_ISEG_WDB Phys inv: Difference Posting in Plant
M_ISEG_WIB Phys. Inv.: Phys. Inv. Document in Plant
M_ISEG_WZB Phys. Inv.: Count and Difference Posting in Plant
M_ISEG_WZL Phys. Inv.: Count in Plant
M_KONA_ORG Arr. Type, Purch. Org., Purch. Group in Rebate Arrangement
M_LFM1_EKO Purchasing Organization in Vendor Master Record
M_LFPL_ORG Organizational Levels of Long-Term Planning
M_LIBE_EKO Vendor Evaluation
M_LIBI_CUS Customizing: Logistics Information Library
M_LIBI_INS Info Sets: Logistics Information Library
M_LIBI_IST Info Set Calls
M_LIBI_KNZ Key Figures: Logistics Information Library
M_LIBI_KSI Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets
M_LIBI_KSK Key Figure Retrieval Using Classification
M_LIBI_KST Key Figure Retrieval Using Text Elements
M_LIBI_KZS Find key figures in Logistics Information Library
M_LIFO_MLY Authorization for LIFO Valuation
M_LPET_BSA Document Type in Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule
M_LPET_EKG Purchasing Group in Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule
M_LPET_EKO Purchasing Org. in Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule
M_LPET_LGO Plant/Storage Location in SA Delivery Schedule Line
M_LPET_WRK Plant in Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule
M_MATE_BIC Batch Information Cockpit
M_MATE_BUK Material Master: Company Codes
M_MATE_BWT Material master: Change of valuation type for batch
M_MATE_CHC Batch Class Conversion
M_MATE_CHG Material Master: Batches/Trading Units
M_MATE_CHP Batch Record
M_MATE_DCP Batch Distribution – Decouple Batch
M_MATE_DGM DG Material Master: Master Data
M_MATE_DGT DG Material Master: Dangerous goods texts (obsolete)
M_MATE_DPR Material Master: MRP Profiles
M_MATE_DRV Batch Derivation: Overall Release/Monitor
M_MATE_LGN Material Master: Warehouse Numbers
M_MATE_MAF Material Master: Material Locks
M_MATE_MAN Material Master: Data at Client Level
M_MATE_MAR Material Master: Material Types
M_MATE_MAT Material Master: Materials
M_MATE_MEX Material Master: Export License Data per Country
M_MATE_MVD Maintenance Authorization Layouts: Overview Material Version
M_MATE_MZP Material Master: Customs Tariff Preference Data
M_MATE_NEU Material Master: Create
M_MATE_OB Original Batch
M_MATE_PER Material Master: Allow Posting to Prior Period/Close Periods
M_MATE_PPR Material Master: Forecast Profiles
M_MATE_STA Material Master: Maintenance Statuses
M_MATE_VKO Material Master: Sales Organization/Distribution Channel
M_MATE_WGR Material Master: Material Groups
M_MATE_WRK Material Master: Plants
M_MATE_ZST Material Master: Change Status of Batches
M_MBNK_ALL Material Docs: Number Range Maintenance
M_MCYA_EWS LIS: Early Warning System
M_MIPA_ORG Updating Backorders
M_MPRIO Requirement Prioritization
M_MRES_BWA Reservations: Movement Type
M_MRES_WWA Reservations: Plant
M_MSEG_BMB Material Documents: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BWA Goods Movements: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BWE Goods Receipt for Purchase Order: Movement Type
M_MSEG_BWF Goods Receipt for Production Order: Movement Type
M_MSEG_LGO Goods Movements: Storage Location
M_MSEG_WMB Material Documents: Plant
M_MSEG_WWA Goods Movements: Plant
M_MSEG_WWE Goods Receipt for Purchase Order: Plant
M_MSEG_WWF Goods Receipt for Production Order: Plant
M_MTDI_ORG Organizational Levels for Material Requirements Planning
M_MWOF_ACT Control for Split Calculation of Value (MBWO)
M_NEUA_AUS Statistical Setup of Info Structure: Application
M_NIWE_BIL Authorization for Lowest Value Determination
M_ORDR_EKO Purchasing Organization in Source List
M_ORDR_WRK Plant in Source List
M_PD_VEMAT User is authorized to change vendor material via WWW
M_PIC_EXCH Authorization for material exchange
M_PIC_RIC Authorization for MPN Restricted Interchangeability
M_PLAF_ORG Organization Levels for Planned Order Processing
M_POIVVEND Read Invoices of a Vendor
M_PP_CUST PPIS: Performance Settings
M_QU_RE Backup Table for Logistics Extraction Queue (MCEX*)
M_QUOT_EKO Purchasing Organization (Quotas)
M_QUOT_WRK Plant (Quotas)
M_RAHM_BSA Document Type in Outline Agreement
M_RAHM_EKG Purchasing Group in Outline Agreement
M_RAHM_EKO Purchasing Organization in Outline Agreement
M_RAHM_LGO Plant/Storage Location in Outline Agreement
M_RAHM_STA Status in Contract
M_RAHM_WRK Plant in Outline Agreement
M_RECH_AKZ Invoices: Accept Invoice Verification Differences Manually
M_RECH_BUK Invoices: Company Code
M_RECH_CPY Copy Invoice: Company Code
M_RECH_EKG Invoice Release: Purchasing Group
M_RECH_SPG Invoices: Blocking Reasons
M_RECH_WRK Invoices: Plant
M_RL_ACCP Account Statement Matching
M_RL_ACCT Returnable Packaging Accounts
M_RL_ACER Account Postings with Errors
M_RL_ACPO Account Postings
M_RL_ACST Account Statement
M_RL_EXTID External Partner Names
M_SKPF_VGA Inventory Sampling: Transaction
M_SKPF_WRK Inventory Sampling: Plant
M_SM_ADDR Authorisation object for Supplier Address maintenance
M_SRV_LS Authorization for Maintenance of Service Master
M_SRV_LV Authorization for Maintenance of Model Serv. Specifications
M_SRV_ST Authorization for Maintenance of Standard Service Catalog
M_ST_NOTE Status Information for Progress Tracking Objects
M_TBLP Transfer Borrow/Loan/Payback Authorisation
M_TEMPLATE Create/Change/Delete Public Templates
M_XLO_DEL Assignment of Goods Issue to Delivery
MAN_PM_KPI Manufacturing: Add Plant Manager KPI
MDG_DEF Data Export
MDG_DIF Data Import
MDG_IDM Key Mapping
MDG_MDF_TR Master Data: Transport
MDS_LOAD Synchronization (Individual and Mass Maintenance)
MSR_INSPEC Material Inspections: Creation, Confirmation, Cancellation
MSR_PLANT Advanced Returns Management Plant Authorization
M_AMPL_ALL Approved Manufacturer Parts List
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