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Let the magic begin… or not

In my previous post I did not mention that not everything was nice and easy. I already had DMIS component installed in version 2010 SP8 as was initially requested but in another project for SAP Landscape Optimization that is also in a starting phase SAP requested DMIS 2011 SP03 in the ERP system so I had to update it and install again the required notes. It is not a difficult task but it meant I had to redo what was already done.

And then, back to the table replication activities. There was an issue when trying to execute the initial data load of the tables, it was probably due to the Pilot in our QA environment not being properly stopped when it finished, at that time we had null SAP HANA knowledge and because any change in the structure of a table that is being replicated will lock the table for modifications then any transport order that has this kind of changes will fail, our solution was to stop the SLT server and delete the triggers at DB level. The SAP consultant was looking for some clues on the problem but there were no log messages on why the triggers were not created this time, he finally solved it by executing report iuuc_cre_act_db_trigger, which in a normal situation should not be done.

Today I was supposed to start the load of a table, so in the SLT server I configured the access plan calculation by executing transaction IUUC_REPL_CONTENT, double clicking on the schema and then editing the settings for the required table:

APC and parallel jobs.jpg

This can also be changed in table IUUC_PERF_OPTION in transaction SM30.

Then I went to the SAP HANA studio in order to start the load and voilà… nothing happened, after some time the process showed an error message, unfortunately I did not write it down but it gave some light about the index not being created correctly. I went to check in the source system if the proper key field was being indexed and then I realized I messed up because the index should have been created for key field VBELN as it is the one with more distinct values as shown below:

VBUP distinct values.jpg


So I deleted the wrong index and created the new one in the source system, then I changed the field name for parallelization in the SLT instance but that was not all, also the SAP consultant had to reset the table status by executing an SQL instruction that looks like this:

insert into “<schema>”.”RS_ORDER” values (‘<SID>’,'<hostname>_<SID>_<No>’,'<Table>’,NULL,’C’);

And that was all for today, I wish I could spend more time on the project but I have some other activities that require my attention, so I expect that tomorrow I can, finally, start a table load.

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