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Change Logo on Address Bar for WD Appl

Go to Tcode : SE80

  Select MIME Repository


Select favicon.ico. The path is SAP > PUBLIC > BC > UR > Login > assests.step2.JPG

Change the icon by Right Click favicon.ico and select Upload and Replace  from Upload/Download dropdown


Then select the image from local disk


Save the properties


Now if you restart the application. The URL address bar image will be the image you have uploaded. Thus we successfully changed the Logo in Address bar.

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  • Hi Dhivya,

    Image should be converted into .ico format and size 16×16 or 32×32 before uploading image into MIME repository.

    For more information

    For converting image into .ico format

    Favicon is a small image that is displayed left of the URL in the browser’s address bar and also with bookmarks. It visualizes the URL to the specific web page with the defined icon. Favicons are images of the size 16×16 or 32×32 pixel in the Icon format (image/x-icon) and files have an .ico extension. A favicon has a default name favicon.ico and is by default located in the root folder of the web server. If no favicon is found, the browser sets a default icon.



  • Its also possible to specify the icon via the application propery WDFAVICON or better still define an application configuration and set the MIME repository path in the entry labelled ““.

    This means you can upload and specify a custom mime image without replacing the standard one so it shouldn’t get overwritten when patching/upgrading. Of course the downside is more time to go through all the applications to fill out the values.

  • Hi Divya,

    Appreciate your blog, you have mentioned all the required step to do so. But any blog without output (Final output screenshot) looks incomplete.

    Suggest to post the final output in your blog.

  • Hi Divya,

    It worked perfectly for me in google chrome browser but not in IE v11.

    Can you please provide steps for IE to replace IE logo to our client custom logo if i open WebUI portal in IE browser.

    Thanks for your help.