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A simple application on HANA…just out of my interest

Hello Fellow SCNers,

This was the thought which came into my mind a week back…..”why can’t we develop something which reads HANA data and showcase in VB.Net application”…that’s where I ended up creating a simple application,just out of my interest. I named it as “SAP HANA Viewer”…yes I didn’t find a better name for this piece of code.

We say that HANA uses different drivers to expose its data to any client application, say jdbc, odbc, odbo, etc. I thought why can’t we use any of these drivers to consume HANA data. Thought about jdbc…Oops… I am not a good Java developer…Ok…let’s use something which I know. Found that odbc can also be used to read the data with some tweaks.


Now which language I can use to develop this application… The first thing which came to my mind is Visual Studio .Net in which I had little hands-on experience

So driver is identified and also the framework. Let’s start coding….This is how I started…and ended up with the following App.Though it may sound silly for core delveopers,just a contribution to our SCN…;-)


A standalone application which helps the HANA user to

  • Connect to HANA DB (via preconfigured DSN) and know the DB Name, Version and the Host Name
  • Views Info: Total no.of views created in the HANA System and count on each type of Views(Attribute, Analytic and Calculation Views)
  • Users Info : Total no.of users created and their names
  • Roles Info : Total no.of roles created and their names
  • Server Status: Active Status of Index, Name, Statistics, Preprocessor, XSEngine and Daemon Servers
  • List of Active and Inactive views within a selected package
  • View the View’s Data: Open any view under the package and can come to know the type of selected View and also the data belongs to the view
    can be viewed in Excel file by a single click



Initial Look:


Login Screen:


Login Screen with credentials entered:


Info about the Views and Server Status:


Info about the Users and Roles:


Selection of Packages from the list:


List of Active/Inactive Objects under different category:


Selection of Views (AT, AN or CV) from the list:


Type of View can be seen and Browse for the Excel location to open the View:


Opened View in Excel:


Few Code Snippets:

Connecting to HANA Server:


Reading the data from Recordset:


Opening Data in Excel:


Thanks for reading.

Comments are always welcome


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  • Hi Murali,

       Thanks for sharing the application. Is there any chance you could repost the code blocks as text? I might add, that it would be better if you used the data query mechanism in Excel to loaf the data. That way you can use the data ribbon to manage connections. I’ve been trying to get Excel to talk to HANA with the AWS instance, but it looks like the ODBC driver with Excel (v38) is broken 🙁 . A bunch of others have reported the problem too – anything you can do on the SAP side to get an update driver available to use developers using HANA on AWS would be greatly appreciated.



    • I’ve managed to connect Excel to HANA on lower releases than 38.

      Make sure to use the client version compatible to your office version: several times, even if in a 64-bit machine, MS Office can be based on 32-bit binaries. In such cases, you need to use the 32-bit hdbclient, not 64-bit.

      Also, you need to set the proper DSN connection for 32-bit. It’s in a different location than just going to Adminsitrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC) – this one is for the 64-bit HDBODBC driver. The 32-bit HDBODBC, at least for me, is in c:\Windows\System64\odbcad32.exe. And yes, that is correct. At least for me, it is mixed up – HDBODBC32 driver is under 64 bit (and that’s the one my 32-bit Office tries to connect to). I never really understood why…

      • Hi Henrique,

            Thanks for the tips, but I’ve literally tried all combinations of using the ODBC drivers to connect to the Microsoft stack of BI and Office tools with no success – Test Connection works – actual attempts to enumerate tables fails. In some cases, Excel 2013 with PowerPivot actually crashes. The most current thread on the topic is at and Patrick has reported there the latest Excel ODBO driver  HDBCLIENTXLS45_45-10011035.EXE on SAP Marketplace is working – but no luck with the ODBC driver. The other problem is, AWS customers like me have no access to the latest software on Marketplace 🙁 BTW, I know that this is supposed to work because back in July, when I tried it out on CloudShare, it worked great. I told my boss this and we decided to proceed with our project. I’m now in an ackward position informing him that the ODBC dirver isn’t working with HANA on AWS.

        Any help would be greatly appriciated…



        • I have definitely used MDX method successfully before, with standard HDBClient ODBC driver.

          I’ll run a test as soon as I get home.

          It might some blocking on the AWS/VPN.