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SAP NetWeaver Portal News: November and December Edition 2012

The month of November was again a very busy one for the SAP NetWeaver Portal team. There was SAP TechEd in Madrid and Bangalore and two events in Walldorf and Israel. This news blog is a combined edition for the months of November and December 2012.

  • Impressions from SAP TechEd Madrid and Bangalore
  • Events in Walldorf and Raanana
  • Tweetchat on “SAP Portal Content Management”
  • Cloud Portal News
  • New Portal Movies on YouTube
  • Blogs from the Portal Community

The SAP NetWeaver Portal team wishes you a happy holiday season and you will hear from us in 2013 with the next edition of the Portal news blog.

Impressions from SAP TechEd Madrid and Bangalore

SAP TechEd in Madrid was – similar to Las Vegas – a very busy event for the Portal team. 48 sessions were given: lectures, hands-ons, networking sessions and Q&As. We had 3 very successful customer presentations across the SAP TechEd and SAPPHIRE pavilions: Adidas, Deutsche Telekom and Vestas showcased successful implementations and business use of SAP NetWeaver Portal.
The Portal lectures and sessions were again fully booked (the same as in Las Vegas) and we were very happy to see again the great interest for the current SAP NetWeaver Portal version (7.3) and also for our new solution in the Portal portfolio: SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal. Also in Madrid we observed a strong interest in mobility and the mobile capabilities in SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 SP8 with mobile enhancements (e.g. supporting tablet / SmartPhone) and Enterprise Workspaces 1.1 SP3 (with Mobile Homepage).

And another highlight of SAP TechEd Madrid: the Portal Twitter account @Portal_SAP was among the SAP TechEd top tweeters:

At SAP TechEd Bangalore our team was mainly represented by Portal Solution Manager Ohad Levy. Watch this interview with Ohad Levy explaining the Portal portfolio, innovations and future development:

Here some impressions in pictures from the Madrid event:




Partner Test Walldorf
On Monday November 26 we kicked off a 3 day partner test event in WDF with 22 partners spending the 3 days learning about the portal portfolio’s solutions and latest innovations while testing it thoroughly.
Several in-depths test were conducted across the main portal themes and solutions like Portal on Device, Mobile Home Page, People Explorer, Cloud Portal.
During the days we collected direct and very valuable feedback from the partners which we plan to leverage during our planning and review phases. Thanks very much again to all partners (+ one SAP Mentor) who spent the 3 days with us and provided us with valuable feedback.

Portal Mobility and Cloud Innovation event in Raanana
Also on Monday November 26, the portal team in Raanana hosted 35 partners and customers for a full day of briefings focused on latest portal innovations around mobility and cloud. The day started with lectures about the portal roadmap and the latest portfolio innovations around portal on device, mobile enterprise workspaces and cloud portal. Key representatives from the development teams co-presented the sessions. The 2nd half of this day was focused on hands-on experience with 3 pods each staffed with both product and development experts to showcase our innovations and engage in discussions with the partners and customers.

Next Portal Tweetchat

It is time for the next SAP Portal tweetchat. This time we have the topic “SAP NetWeaver Portal Content Management Offering”. In this tweetchat you will get detailed information on the Content Management offering of SAP NetWeaver Portal. The focus of the chat is set on the new SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText which is a best-of-breed document management and collaboration solution which also supports web content management capabilities. It is deeply integrated into the SAP Portal, allows mobile consumption, features social collaboration, and helps to create beautiful-looking, content-rich websites based on the robust framework of SAP Portal. You can also ask questions on our long-time offerings like Web Page Composer and Knowledge Management. 

Please join us on December 13 from 17:00-18:00 P.M. CET using the #SAPPortalchat hashtag. We are really looking forward to talking to you directly on Twitter.

Cloud News

SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal Packages are now available at SAP Store
Two new packages of SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal are introduced and currently available for purchasing via SAP Store – Team and Department Sites. Team Sites package is aimed for managing content, sharing events and news, sharing documents in a productive manner for a group of users within a central portal site. With the Department Sites package you can achieve the same scenario with a larger scale of user base and unstructured storage.

SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal End of Year Challenge – The Beauty and the Geek
We invite you to take part in the Cloud Portal end of year challenge and build your unique cloud portal site, using your own trial account. For more information: see this blog by Ifat Shwartz.

Blog: What the Heck are SAP NW Cloud and NW Cloud Portal Good for?

Since the announcement of the general availability of Cloud Portal hundreds of users have played with the free trial and started sharing with the community their endeavors. We can already start to see some patterns in some sweet spots of shared interest – and in his blog Ohad Yassin points at some of these cases.

NEW Portal Movies on YouTube

Watch our latest movies on YouTube:

Read New Blogs from the Portal Community

These blogs are all created from members of the Portal development team.

Yotam Kadisha: Creating Dynamic Actions for Your Mobile Framework Page Application

Yotam is one of the client-side Portal developers who implemented the new mobile framework page. The SAP NetWeaver Portal mobile framework pages give you the ability to create dynamic actions for your applications, and add them to the framework action bar. The action bar button is located on the right-hand side of the framework header; clicking on it shows us the available action items. In this blog Yotam will show you how to create dynamic actions from within your portal applications, and add them to the action bar for both the smartphone and tablet framework pages.

Eyal Nathan: Portal on Device: Launching Native Apps

In this blog, Eyal will explain how native applications can be integrated in the standard portal navigation, so they are exposed to portal users in their daily work.


Doron Lehman: Developing an RFC Mobile Portal Application

In this blog Doron will describe how to write a simple mobile Portal application that consumes data from an RFC. The application retrieves a list of employees, and enables to show each employee’s data.


Dvir Cooper: Creating An Application for the Extended Toolbox

In the mobile framework of portal on device, there is a feature for tablet devices (only), which is a second level toolbox, named Toolbox Extended. The extended toolbox is designed for applications that show the user a list of data or executable items. These applications can be implemented very easily and quickly, using the JSONList API that was implemented by the Portal team

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  • Hi Vera,

    that’s an excellent informative blog thank you.

    Please, question, now that EP NW7.31 SP05 Portal On Device enabled is in General Availability, what is the Road Map and TimeLine for having more and more standard Portal Content eg beginning with UWL and moving across all of the most common Buisness Packages, what is the timeline for Portal On Device enabling the most standard Portal Content ? 

    When I say Portal on Device enabling I mean, making the most common standard Portal Content eg UWL and most common Business Packages work in a Smart Devices and Tablets in an Applety way as opposed to the PC/Internet Explorer way.

    What is the RoadMap and TimeLine for this next natural evolution of the SAP Portal clients availability ?

    I can say, where I am they’d like everything Smart Device enabled tomorrow as you can imagine.

    All the best and thank you for your time.

    Andy Silvey.

    • Hi Andy,

      Let me answer on Veras behalf. The nice thing about Portal on Device is that it can launch web- and native applications. So as and end-user you don’t really “know” which type of content is being launched in advance but the content is presented in a rolebased manner.

      Our approach for content in the near future contains two areas:

      1. We are in discussion with the colleagues from the Business Suite and Analytics about mobilizing business content. You migth have heard of different approaches starting from content coming directly from SAP (web and native) up to new opportunities to mobilize custom specific content. Also here it is a benefit of being able to launch both – web and native apps.

      2. We prioritize the portal content not coming from backend systems and think about making it available on mobile devices. As you mentioned UWL is a good example.

      As you have seen we’ve introduced most of the capablities as part of SP’s rather than new releases which allows you to benefit from the results in much shorter cycles. This is what we also plan for future enhancements.

      All the best,

      Winfried Wenisch

      • Hi Winfried,

        thank you for your reply.

        As a Portal Administrator since EP5 SP2, I can say, Portal On Device is the biggest revolution in SAP Portal area since EP6 came along and we got rid of IIS and needing two LDAPs.

        To your point,

        ‘The nice thing about Portal on Device is that it can launch web- and native applications. So as and end-user you don’t really “know” which type of content is being launched in advance but the content is presented in a rolebased manner.’

        This is the root of the problem, POD looks great, infact it looks better than Corbu etc, but as soon as the SmartDevice or Tablet executes the Native-WebApp, the User loses the applety look and feel and SmartDevice/Tablet oriented functionality of the application, just look at UWL as an example.

        It is indeed excellent that you have chosen the strategy to make POD available through Support Packs instead of Major Releases which as you say allows Customers to benefit sooner rather than later.

        I think, POD couldn’t have come at a better time, when Customers are having confusion as to where Portal lies in SAP’s strategy, with the Business functionality going ABAP Web DynPro herein referred to as AWDP and NeWeaver Business Client available as an alternative front-end, POD has reinforced SAP Portal’s position as the entry point to your SAP systems and available across the spectrum of User Agents, Web Browser, SmartPhone, Tablet.

        POD gives the Customer base even more reasons to commit to a Portal strategy.

        POD gives the Portal even more raison d’etre.

        I can say, and I cannot shout this loud enough, the Business Package content which is currently available for Portal including the AWDP on the backends needs to be ASAP written to be more applety for the Smart Phones and Tablets accessing through POD.

        If the Business Suite, could run through POD as smart device friendly POD applications instead of native web applications then the current customer where I am engaged would be using POD tomorrow as would I expect half of the Customer base.

        The POD will enable the on the move Managers to become productive walking from meeting to meeting. Instead of dividing their on the move productivity between what they can currently do on their IPads and what they are forced to do chained at their desktops which doesn’t currently run on the IPads.

        You’ve said your strategy is to prioritise the Portal content not coming from the backend, does this mean AWDP is not ready for creating smart device enabled content, I guess the smart device api’s are not yet ready for AWDP ?  Is it time to balance the Business Packages between Portal and Backend, the Backend can take care of the web native applications for the Business Packages and the Portal can take care of the smart devices apps for the Business Packages towards the same backend ?

        What will be the quickest way to market ?

        We’d like to see SRM-MDM Shopping Cart as a smart device friendly app through POD. As well as of course the UWL.

        But I am confident, if we showed the Business Units, HR, Global Master Data (Change Tracker), BI (Reporting), CRM, etc, if we showed them POD, they’d also want their existing applications which Users access through Portal to be ‘POD enabled/friendly’ !

        What is the timeline for the UWL to be smart device friendly through POD ?

        All the best and thank you for your time and feedback,

        Andy Silvey.