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Internet Explorer 10 Desktop is now supported for NetWeaver

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Desktop in 32 bit mode on Windows 8 is now supported for the following NetWeaver releases/SPs:

  • 7.00 SP27
  • 7.01 SP13
  • 7.02 SP12
  • 7.03 SP05
  • 7.10 SP15
  • 7.11 SP10
  • 7.20 SP12
  • 7.30 SP08
  • 7.31 SP05

Please take notice that as of now there is no support for:

  • IE10 64 bit mode
  • Internet Explorer Modern Windows UI (formerly known as “Metro”)

For further restrictions and details see:

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  • Hi Andreas,

    also take note of this note:

    OSS 1788440 – SAP Enterprise Portal – Application Integration in Microsoft Intenet Explorer 10

    All the best,


    • Hi Andy,

      The note describes a workaround that allows the user to switch from Metro to Desktop mode. I’ll try to align the wording in the note with the overall support statement. Thanks for the hint!

      Kind Regards


  • Please take notice that as of now there is no support for: IE10 64 bit mode

    Any justification?

    Not that many company PCs are 64 bit, but freelances, private persons, and so on are already using Windows 64bit + IE 64bit. Makes it complicated to use SAP Portal as a EFP.

    Is the test run for 32bit and 64bit so different? Or how is a browser actually tested at SAP?

    • Hi Tobias,

      The restriction for 64 bit is mainly based on technical limits with plug-ins. Scenarios without plug-ins might work, the usage is “tolerated” but not overall supported.

      Kind Regards


      • Ok. Makes sense. Can’ SAP support IE 10 64bit as a vanilla version? Like: supported, but without the use of plugins. Would help if a test suite is made available to customers so they can test their browsers and see for themself if it works and why a test failed.

        • Hi Tobias,

          You are right and we’re currently discussing how to make such conditions easy to understand. We just started with the part which is clear (and mainstream).

          Unfortunately, we don’t have one test suite for all SAP UI technologies. We do a lot of manual tests with real business scenarios (beside technology tests and automated tests), because we expect the unexpected 😉 .

          Kind Regards


  • Hi Andreas,

    have you thought about a general statement on IE and plugin support?

    We have experienced major keyboard control issues (no use of Alt-keys, many IE mapped Ctrl-keys) whereas other browsers behave better, especially when run on an Apple computer. Seems to be the case for any kind of plugin, we experienced it first with Silverlight. Flash seems to have similar issues where the IE hooks away keystrokes.

    Have created a CSN to check with MS, but there seems no progress.

    see internal message 0120031469 0002359042 2010.

    regards, Oliver.

    • Hi Oliver,

      The issue seems to persist at least from IE7 on and our applications somehow seem to live with that -which is not nice! Nevertheless, we’ll bring it to the attention of our MS contacts again. Thanks a lot!

      Kind Regards


      • Andreas, can you clarify your last comment?

        SAP will start testing IE10 on Win7 only after everybody also has access to it? Or do you mean that SAP will publish the results after IE10 on Win7 is public?

        I hope it is the later, as the other case implies that SAP does not have access to the software … (hard to believe)

        • Hi Tobias,

          With IE, we conditionally support new versions with vendor general availability. Nevertheless our main tests are done after vendor availability (with the final version) as well as the roll-out of information on required service packs and about restrictions.

          Kind Regards