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Free Windows Phone 8 Dev Camps

I went to the free Windows 8 (RT) Dev Camp last month and it was great fun, half a day of training and half a day of doing examples. I chose to do the HTML5 type Windows Store apps as my example apps, consuming OData from a Netweaver Gateway back end. This uses a library called WinJS, which is great BUT does not exist (at the moment) on the Windows Phone 8 platform. see: Clarifying_Windows_Phone_8_HTML5_Apps

However Microsoft comes to the rescue with yet another Dev Camp, this time for Windows Phone 8.

I am going to the event in London on Friday 14th December, it also runs on Saturday the 15th.

Follow this link to book your place:

The venue is very modern with lots of wacky break out rooms, the only problem is the hard wooden chairs used for the lectures. (Nice soft armchairs in the break out rooms)

Looking forward to consuming my Netweaver Gateway OData again on Friday, but this time from C# and XAML,rather than Javascript . (An alternative would be to use PhoneGap, but Mircosoft are not going to teach that method ! )


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