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Learn about SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution

What is a SAP Rapid Deployment solution and how can it help me in my project? These are the basic questions many customers, partners and also SAP consultants have lately been pondering about. In the SAP community rapid-deployment solutions are on everyone’s lips independently of industry or line of business. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are everywhere. And there are good reasons for this.

With rapid-deployment solutions SAP has created a fast and easy way to manage SAP implementation projects. In the past IT projects have been said to be unpredictable in cost and effort. In the end a software implementation project often has cost more than predicted at the beginning, taken longer and suffered from scope creep.

The SAP rapid-deployment solution approach puts an end to this by delivering a predefined scope at a fixed price service in a fixed timeline project and all the required documents are provided as accelerators for each project phase. The project team is guided through an easy to use step-by-step guide profiting from SAP’s long years of experience in software implementation. And customers can expand their solution (through traditional implementation projects) as they go and require.


Figure 1: Example of the step-by-step guide

Rapid-deployment solution accelerators

Let’s have a look at the accelerators that are included in the SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution.

For each phase there are several accelerators leveraged:

Figure 2.png

Figure 2: Project Phases and assigned Accelerators


For some this best-practice packaged approach might give the impression as if almost anybody could implement a rapid-deployment solution if such extensive material is provided. And even if this might be true to a certain extent, a rapid-deployment solution implementation still requires the involvement of experienced functional and technical consultants. Their tasks are to verify the customers’ requirements are met by the rapid-deployment solution and to guide the customer through the project, to provide assistance where required. They often get involved when change requests are handled in phase 2, i.e. the post rapid-deployment solution phase of the project. The concept of the rapid-deployment solution is to support as many tasks as possible that the project team of the customer performs through pre-configured content. This also helps to reduce cost for the customer. The SAP consultants on-site however guide the customer and assist him with these tasks when required, other tasks are taken over by SAP remote services. The work breakdown structure of the SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution lists all required tasks for each project steps and assigns this task to a responsible person on the customer and on the consulting side. Often both parties are involved in the same tasks and need to collaborate in order to achieve success. The rapid-deployment solution concept therefore requires a high level of coordination and collaboration between the customer project team and the SAP consultants.

SAP on the one side is responsible for the following deliverables:

·         Kick Off Workshop

·         Confirm Installation

·         Activation of Solution

·         Confirm Activation of Solution

·         Key User Training Workshop

·         Go-Live assistance

The customer on the other side is responsible for the following deliverables:

·         Servers and Software Installed

·         List of Options Selected 

·         Licensee data cleansed and migrated

·         User Acceptance Testing

·         Switch to Production

·         End user Training

·         Go Live support

Information for SAP consultants

For the SAP consultants it is important to be well informed about the SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution before starting a rapid-deployment project. So where can you find the required information?

SAP provides a lot of documents and additional training material for this:

Rapid-Deployment-Solution Generic Learning Map

Learn about Rapid-Deployment Implementation Methodology using the internal Rapid-Deployment-Solution Generic Learning Map.

SPM Services Catalog

In the internal Service Portfolio Management (SPM) Services Catalog SAP consultants find all the details about the SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution. Choose “Rapid Deployment Solution Services” à Human Resources to find the SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution.

The following information is provided in the SPM:

·         A general description of the service, the addressed business needs and the customer value

·         The documents for download

·         Information about the regional pricing

·         Service characteristics and responsible contact persons

·         Positioning details

·         And information about the delivery duration

SAP Service Marketplace

In the SAP Service Marketplace extensive information is provided for all available rapid-deployment solutions. In the left side menu select “Human Resources” and “E-Recruiting”. There you find the sections “Solution Discovery” and “Solution Deployment”.

In the “Solution Discovery” section the following important information is to be found:

  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Internal Contacts
  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Scope-Item recordings
  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Sales Guide
  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Details
  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Summary
  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Pricing Guide
  • E-Recruiting Rapid-Deployment Solution Profile in all the available languages

In the „Solution Deployment“ section you can access the service Step-by-Step guide.

SAP Communities

In the SAP Community “SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions” also external registered users may access the HCM Rapid-Deployment Solution Community and discuss and exchange information about the SAP rapid-deployment solutions with other people independently of industry or line of business.

For the Human Resources experts exists also a specialized community that exchanges information about the HCM rapid-deployment solutions in SAP Community “Human Resources Rapid Deployment Solutions”.

SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution scope

As part of the process, the solution scope includes:

·         Requisition creation and publication

·         Searching and applying for jobs (internal and external)

·         Talent pool sourcing and screening

·         Candidate rating and ranking

·         Hiring manager integration

·         Requisition closing and data transfer

Figure 3.png

Figure 3: SAP E-Recruiting rapid-deployment solution process

The Difference to the engineered service

I bet you know that there is also the Predefined Service E-Recruiting that is being offered by SAP and I also bet that you have wondered what the difference is between the two. Well here it is: the Predefined Service E-Recruiting offers a service – as its name indicates – and the rapid-deployment solution delivers a bundled solution including the service, the content and the software.


Figure 4: Engineered Service vs. Rapid-Deployment Solution

The rapid-deployment solution package contains the following content:

·         Software: Quickly address the most urgent business processes

·         Content: SAP best practices, templates and tools make solution adoption easier

·         Enablement: Guides and educational material speed end user adoption

·         Service: Fixed scope and price provides maximum predictability and lowers risk


Figure 5: Rapid-Deployment Solution Package Content

Technical Requirements

·         SAP Solution Manager 7.0, EHP1

·         SAP ERP 6.0, EHP 5

·         SAP E-Recruiting  605

·         XI CONTENT EA-HR 605


·         SAP NetWeaver 7.02 – Enterprise Portal

·         SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.02, JAVA (= ADS)

·         SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search 7.10

Find a complete list of requirements in the Service Marketplace.

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  • It is important that customers reading this article realize that SAP has strategically decided SuccessFactors Recruiting will be the go-forward solution with SAP eRecuiting getting “selected innovation”.  So while you may be able to deploy SAP eRecruiting quickly via RDS you might want to seriously consider if that is wise given SAP’s strategic direction.

    • Hi Jarret,

      As mentioned, the go-forward solution with SAP eRecruiting is Successfactors recruiting, would like to obtain your expertise thought for a couple of questions –

      1) Why is SAP releasing RDS solution for eRecruiting when they want their customers to choose Successfactors recruiting solution (i guess to be released by Q3 2013) as a go-forward?

      2) Would Successfactors recruiting solution provide the same fast track deployment of recruiting solution in few weeks as I am new to SAP successfactors recruiting solution?

      • SAP was building this RDS solution prior to the SuccessFactors merger but I am disappointed to see them promoting it as it sends a mixed message to customers many of which are confused about the roadmap and longer term strategy. As far as integration SAP plans to deliver in Q1 (Feb) two way integration between SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Recruiting using both NW PI (OnPrem) or SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

        As far as your “fast track question” your typically SuccessFactors project is faster than a full onPremise give that you cant build custom developments and only configure the system but given there is still gathering business requirements, testing, training, change management it is a false assumption that anything will take a few week unless it was an extremely simple organization and even then I would be surprised.

        • From my experience in the last few months there are a lot of customers who are going to stay on-premise and they want to leverage that. To scrap an RDS would be unfair to those customers who are demanding this type of solution. I think an RDS is going to be tough to fit all customers, but it provides a good foundation for a project and a good baseline overall.

        • Some SAP customers continue to select the on-premise SAP E-Recruiting
          solution to support their recruiting requirements. Often, the choice of cloud or on-premise is specific to market unit and geographic region – but in the end, it is the customer’s choice. 

          Per prior communications, SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and Recruiting Marketing are the “go-forward” solutions.

          However, also per prior communications, SAP E-Recruiting will be supported/maintained and selectively enhanced. 

          We took the decision to release the Rapid-Deployment Solution to support faster implementations for those customers who opt for on-premise E-Recruiting.  This decision does not change our overall strategy. 

          • I think it is important that SAP are still looking after their on-premise customers, many of which will remain on-premise for the foreseeable future.

          • Fully agree that SAP NEEDS to continue to innovate for their on-Premise customers but believe the article should have made clear SAP’s strategic direction with SuccessFactors Recruiting so that customers were fully informed as it is a key component in the decision making process when considering the Recruiting RDS package. (ie Deployment options)

            On a side should customers expect an upcoming RDS for SAP Performance Management, SAP Talent Management and SAP LSO given that you mentioned

            We took the decision to release the Rapid-Deployment Solution to support faster implementations for those customers who opt for on-premise

            as I am pretty sure i know the answer 🙂

          • Currently we have no need for other Rapid Deployment Solution to accelerate Performance Management, Talent Management or Learning Solution projects. We have a good set of engineered services for that purpose.

          • Thanks Martin and just for clarity what are the “engineered services” for Talent Management and Learning Solutions that are similar to RDS which will allow for a 8-12 week implementation with a fixed scope/fixed cost?

          • Hi Jarret, SAP Consulting provides different predefined services which include accelerator documents (project plan, blueprint, test cases, end user guides) and configurations (workbench / customizing) for a fixed price. For example we are able to deploy SAP Learning Solution within 7 weeks and offer even some enhancements like calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook.
            The main differences to a RDS are that predefined services are only available via SAP Consulting (no 3rd party) and licence fees are not part of the package. So our sales team needs to provide the licence costs in addition.

            The following predefined services are currently available and will be enhanced going forward:

            – Predefined Implementation of SAP Learning Solution

            – Predefined Implementation of SAP Performance Management (predfined process / flexible process)
            – Predefined Implementation of SAP Career and Succession Planning

            – E-Recruiting Enhanced Interface Implementation (Candidate UI)

          • Hi Luke, Yes it does include the Nakisa functionality. In case you need more information I guess we can bring you in contact with the service owner.