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When will HANA SPS5 be available for developers?

=== UPDATE 2013-01-02 ===

We are updating our  HANA Trial landscape to SPS5 this week. Expect outages until Jan 06 (we will announce all downtimes on the Developer Center overview page). Updates for the Developer Edition on our four cloud infrastructure providers AWS, Cloudshare, KT and PT will be made available within the next two-three weeks.

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Dearest developer community,

Since the release of SAP HANA SPS5, a lot of you have asked when the trial systems and HANA One Developer Edition on public clouds will be updated to that release. No surprise, there are a lot of new and fascinating features (including, but not limited to the HANA Extended Application Services aka XS Engine).

So when will we make an update installer and updated master images available for SAP HANA One Developer Edition? And when will we update our 30-day trial landscape?

Honestly, at this point in time, we don’t know. It is our goal to give you the latest and greatest as soon as possible. But it is also necessary to make sure everything works. So our testing efforts kicked off last Friday. If Revision 45 is deemed to be good quality, it will show up here on the Developer Center within the next two weeks. If we need to wait for a hotfix Revision, it will take us another two weeks to make that one available for the community.

Why that long? Because we want to minimize your update efforts and give you revisions that you can use for months without running into major issues. Since the release of SPS4 (that was Revision 28), HANA has seen 16 updates leading up to SPS5 – we don’t want you to go through the update process 16 times, so we try to find a revision that is good enough until interesting new features are released.

I will definitely keep you posted about any status updates, so if you want to be the first developer to test SPS5, follow this post…



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  • Hi Juergen,

       Thanks for the update on SPS5 and looking out for us! SPS5 is loaded with some great looking features – including the much needed foreign key constraint for my OLTP application prototype. I’m glad I delayed coding up triggers to check for referential integrity and having cascade deletes will be a big time saver.

         BTW – it would be great if you could pull some strings to make some of the “locked” documents on require a SAP customer account and us mere mortals on AWS don’t have access to them.



  • Juergen,

    I am eagerly waiting to lay my hands on “HANA Extended Application Services”.  Very much interested to explore apps migration to HANA platform.