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Top Ten Business Innovation Posts of the Week [December 3, 2012]

On the Business Innovation site, we deliver the top blogs, news  and  featured content on business innovation for professionals looking to  grow and  gain a competitive  business advantage. We cover hot topics and thought  leadership on mobile applications, cloud computing, big data, real-time analytics and the top challenges facing  executives and leaders in sales & marketing, finance, human resources and much, much more.

Each week, we curate and publish the top 10 posts of the week on  business  innovation from across our content categories. We hope you find  these articles  valuable, informative, and interesting. Enjoy!

Is The Cloud Ready For Data Warehousing?

Cloud – By Lindsey Nelson, @LindseyNNelson

You may be contemplating the cloud, and if you are thinking of how it will help advance your business intelligence analytics, here are 4 reasons how.

Mobile Marketing – The Elephant In The Room For Marketers

Sales & Marketing – By Steve Olenski, @steveolenski

This is (the fourth) year for mobile, but it’s time for marketers to talk about the elephant in the room and get on board.

Analytics Could Save Social Networks As Marketing Tool

Analytics – By Irfan Khan

For a long time, especially in the Mad Men era, marketers and advertisers alike used their guts. Now with a more informed customer, analytics is outsmarting intuition and showing how you can leverage your social media data to reach your audience.

‘Bring Your Own Network’: More Security Risks Than BYOD?

Cloud – By Eric Lai, @ericylai

Eric brings to our attention the dangers of the network, as well as a new acronym we can add to our already lengthy list.

The Most Toxic Words In Marketing

Sales & MarketingMichael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

It’s all about how you say it, and if your content isn’t good enough to be behind that registration form it won’t help you sell stuff.

The Emerging Social Enterprise: Catering to the Net Generation

Sales & Marketing – By Michael Brenner

The possibilities for success as a Social Enterprise are endless – as long as you listen to what the Net Generation is saying.

Myths In Risk Management — Exposing The Flaws Of Risk Heat Maps

Finance – By Bruce McCuaig

Bruce asks and answers how useful the frequently used heat maps actually are.

The Walmart Effect: 4 Best Practices For Dealing With That First Huge Order

Industries – By Christopher Koch, @Ckochster

So you’re a small company who sells lollipops and Wal-Mart just called – they want 200,000 lollipops by Friday morning. What do you do with that big first deal?

Forrester: Top Marks For Windows 8

Mobile – By Sebastian Nikoloff

Sebastian gives us a quick once-over on the new Windows we’ve been waiting for.

5 Things Every Business Needs

Business Innovation – By Todd Wilms, @toddmwilms

It’s not a broken record, big data is the biggest game changer for your company. With it you can reach a previously undiscovered level of engagement with your customer, especially if you have these five things.

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