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Solman Pod

I am just back from a 3 day Pod stint for SAP Solution Manager 7.1  @ SAP Teched and some of the questions and the things we showed are already available online. Just thought it would be a good idea to share the same summarizing some of the requests from the teched audience for the benefit of anyone who might be interested.

Q . I want to know  end to end  functions of SAP Solution Manager starting from blue printing and moving on till my next upgrade. Where can I get it?

Start with an executive note here ->

Entire learning map is available at

All Features Explained ->

A wiki with information on different aspects of solution manager 7.1 ->

Official SAP help documentation where solution manager 7.1 sp05 is documented in the below link

Infrastructure Management with SAP Solution Manager ->

Q. Are there videos available depicting some of the SAP solution Manager functionalities?

Teched Video on Features ->

Technical Monitoring Video ->

Video on Business Process Change Analysis TBOM Creation ->

Also the learning maps and service market place links in the earlier answer has detailed videos on each and every function of SAP solution manager.

Q. What are the mobile apps available with SAP Solution Manager 7.1?

Mobile Apps Short Clip ->

Detailed Documentation and Installation Instructions

Q. How will BPCA really help me in analyzing the changes to my business processes?

This forum link is the best I could find on the topic outside of SAP service marketplace -> It also gives a competitive advantage of BPCA which I was asked specifically in the pod.,_testing,_bpca__tboms_(qa_transcript)

Q. What’s new in incident management within solution manager 7.1 ?

The document should provide you with the answer ->

Q. What is the difference between CHARM in 7.1 and CHARM in 7.0?

Overall Changes in 7.1 ->

This link Gives Charm specific new features ->

Q. How do I monitor a non-SAP system with Solution Manager 7.1?

Different agents in SAP solution Manager which enable monitoring heterogeneous landscapes is described here ->

Q. Where can I fine more information on test management capabilities within Solution Manager?

SDN consolidated link on Test Management Capabilities ->

Testing with Solution Manager ->

Q. Are there publicly available customer case studies for Solution Manager 7.1 implementation?

Australia Post Quick Video ->

Independent User Group Case Study ->

Q. Is there a demo system where I can try out things?

Yes , you can access the system from here ->

Q. Great and now how do I start setting up the product?

Everything is in here ->

Wish you good luck and I am sure you will have lesser worries about your SAP landscape and be confident of its productivity with Solman 7.1.

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