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SCN Connect iOS App for Inside Track events

Following me following you

Have you ever attended a networking event and forgot your business cards? Perhaps you have got back to your office and looked at the batch of business cards in your pocket and forgotten the conversation?

What better way to maintain a relationship than through the SCN. By taking advantage of the follow functionality on SCN and leveraging the SCN API we have put together the SCNConnect application.

To create a connection is simple, both people open the SCNConnect app on their iOS devices. The person you want to follow display the QR code for their profile on the device.


You then open the Connect view and scan the QR Code with the SCNConnect app on your device. Optionally you can enter the userid of the other person.


The app will lookup the users details from SCN and display them to you with the option to follow.


Simply click Follow to follow the user on SCN and create the connection.


Install the Application

The app can be downloaded here or in the App Store from your device.

Once the app is installed it is required that it is activated against SCN.

Go to your profile on SCN and select the Mobile Tab. Enter a description for the device and app. Push Get Activation code:


You will now be presented with an activation code like below:


You can either scan the QR code with the application or enter the code manually


The app will now show your profile and is activated and ready to be used.

Open Source

We plan to make the source code open so others can use it as an example for working against the SCN API and also to hopefully solicit volunteers to create more applications/features.

What’s next?

This is the first release of the app against the SCN API. As it evolves we plan to add more features. The API is open, so apps can of course be created for other platforms. If anyone is interested will are happy to share our experiences.

Please let us know what you think and what else you would like to see in the application.

We are open to all ideas, UX, new features, please let us know so we can give the community the best experience possible.

Known Issues

There appears to be a problem with some devices running iOS5.0 or 5.1. A cause has been identified and a fix is being readied for app store submission.

Thank you

Thanks to all who helped to make this app possible, Gail Moody-Byrd and Anitay Yuen for the idea, Martin Lang for the detailed feedback, Sanket Firodiya for the development work and Matthias Steiner and Oliver Kohl for SCNApi.

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  • This is awesome John. Looking forward to seeing it being used at all the different SAP Inside Track events coming up.

    Thanks for finding the iOS 5 issue so quickly also.



  • Great job on the app John (as always!!!)

    Well, we are still in an early phase with the API, so I cannot give any guarantee that it will ever see the light or in what form. Same goes for timelines…

    As such, we should refrain from advertising it already as we may set expectations we cannot meet. Believe me, I’m just as excited as you are about the possibilities it would provide to the community, but let’s get it sorted first.



  • Hello John,

    It’s a great idea! But do you still maintain that app by any chance? I just downloaded it and it keeps crashing when I try to register (with QR or directly filling the code) I am actually using it on iOS 6.1.3


    • Hi Sebastian,

      I still maintain it. It’s being upgraded to use bump at the moment. I assume it is crashing when you are trying to register. I will take a look into it.



  • Hi John,

    When I try to connect to (doesn´t matter, if via QR-Scan or not) I always receive the following message: “Unable to retrieve your data”.

    I am using the new iOS7 on an iPhone 5



  • Hi John,

    Firstly, great article very clear and precise.

    I’ve tried all these steps, used the QR scanner & manually entered code, forced closed the app and tried again but I keep getting “Activation Code Not Valid” as per below screen shot.

    I’m on an iPhone 4s with latest software 7.1.2 Thoughts??



  • Hi John,

      I having i os8 and i am also getting same error.


    can you please suggest on it..?

       Thanks in advance.



      • Hi John,

        Hs the bug fix been done for iOS8 or in development yet?

        I am running the latest version of iOS 8.3 please advise as I get the same error as the aforementioned forum members.

        Activation code note vali. Unable to activate user. Please try another activation code.Error: The network connection was lost.

        Even if I do this on my broadband wifi at home I get the same error.

        Kind Regards,


        • Hi Johan,

          Not yet, last I looked the server was no longer supporting the call made. I will check again later this week and follow up.



          • Hi John,

            Thanks that would be awesome, it seems like a really nice app and would enable me to easier assist on SCN as I dont like lugging a laptop or iPad around.

            I will keep an eye on your progress update here 🙂

            Tx a lot.


  • Hi John,

    I tried downloading the SCNConnect app from App Store on my iPhone. Its always displaying, ‘Activation Code Not Valid’ error message. iPhone OS is iOS8.2.

    Thanks, Manju