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IDEA PLACE – LoB sessions

As you might have read in Kuhan’s blog post idea place will start a new experience in early 2013. We already had started the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Idea Session on this new platform and will close and/or migrate the sessions in the old environment in the coming weeks.

Let’s have a look back. After the succesfull launch at SAPPHIRE 2010 with the many Business Objects sessions, ideas and votes we expanded the reach to more  SAP solutions. We started sessions as we got commitment from solution management and /or development. Very soon we recognized the difference between the ideas and momentum on analytics compared to the classic SAP solution portfolio. Ideas on SAP solutions mostly came from IT and developers, who knew almost every single bit and process, while the input for analytics or mobile sounded more like end user type of input.

With Social Media and Communities we are in the lucky position to constantly stay in touch with Lob type of users as well as end users beyond our traditional contacts in IT or development or partners. With HANA, mobile and cloud and the new UI in the new SAP solutions we even need the input and feedback from these individuals, as they make a difference and make us change. Parallel to that we got a growing number of requests to cover all solutions + to offer a place for customers & users, who do not know what solution or version or platform they are using for a specific process or task. This has made us to start the ‘Line of Business’ sessions in 2011.

Honestly we did not expect too much, as we did not market these sessions. It has been some kind of experiment to identify patters and momentum in certain areas, without having offered pre-defined structures.  At the very end – you surprised us . lob1.PNG

Manufacturing, HR, Finance, Supply Chain and Customer have been the areas with most ideas and votes. We had more than 15 ideas with over 10 votes.


This all has helped solution management and developers to identify ideas for the ‘Suite on Hana’ project; e.g. the top idea ‘people analytics’ has impacted CRM on Hana.

As we will move forward with idea place we will close and archive the LoB sessions. We will not simply drop your ideas, but we will keep you informed about the overall impact and a few individual improvements. Beyond that we are asking you to ‘restart’ your idea in one of the new sessions in early 2013. Mobile or Hana or Cloud would work best, as these are the areas with highest focus and a high chance to impact SAP.

Looking forward to seeing you and your ideas in the new idea place.

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