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Data Does Not Live in the Wild

Data does not live in the wild, but governments can create ecosystems for data to be safe, liberated and able to thrive. 

How do they do that?

The Dynamics of Opening Government Data, a new white paper just released by the Center for Government in Technology (CTG), presents the results of a research project supported by SAP, “designed to produce new conceptual and analytical tools for governments to help them open government data in ways that improve government performance and create new value for citizens.”

In other words – setting data free in a way that is relevant and valuable.

CTG’s research includes case studies examining public access to restaurant health inspection data in New York City (NYC) and the City of Edmonton’s Open Data Catalogue initiative to increase public access to street construction project data.

One of the keys to the success of these two cities’ initiatives – and something they have in common — was being truly open.  Citizens in these cities took the open data and ran with it, in both cases creating mobile apps (ABCEats and Edmonton Road Construction) that allowed the data to be easily consumed and  truly taking it to the public.  Governments may not currently have all the resources and skills to complete the value creation cycle, but by following some key learning from this research, they can support the generation of results — open data: 

  • Release government data that are relevant to both agency performance and the public interest.
  • Invest in strategies to estimate how different stakeholders will use the data.
  • Devise data management practices that improve context in order to ‘future-proof’ data resources.
  • Think about sustainability.

SAP is committed to supporting open government and open data initiatives, and will continue to invest in the development of ideas and tools to help achieve value creation for governments and their citizens globally.

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