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STMS QA approval configuration

SAP: QA Approval Step configuration

Just a small configuration in STMS, hope it helps.

QA Approval step configuration

Go to STMS in Transport Domain Controller

Switch to change mode

Click on <SID> – the QA system, choose Edit – System – Change

Select Deliver After Confirmation in tab System Attributes

Click on Procedure

Click OK

Save and distribute configuration

Perform a test for approval

From DEV system create a new single role ZS_CTS_ADMIN, add the authorization object S_CTS_ADMI

And put * for Administration Tasks CTS_ADMFCT

Save and generate profile for the role

Create a transport request from the role

Release it fromSE01

Now transport the request into QUALITY system

To be able to import into Production, you will be ask for approval

From production system, go to transaction STMS_QA

Double click the icon to see the status of approval step

We have set 2 approval step need : Request owner and System Administrator

*To be able to do the approval, make sure 2 users have the profile from role with the authorization object S_CTS_ADMI

Select To be the approved by request owner

Then make sure the request is still selected, click Approve

Enter text for the approval

You will be asked to logon to QCR once

Now Double click the icon under St to see the status

Do the same step for “To be Approved by system Administrator”

When you finished all the approval steps, it will be available to import into PCR now

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