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Experiences and Wishlist – SAP TechEd 2012

It all started with a huge buzz this year in INDIA with great-great InnoJam (Design thinking) on 24th and 25th November 2012 followed by SAP Techniversity on 26th Nov 2012, and then SAPTechEd day came 28th-30th of Nov. Though this was my first SAPTechEd ever but I didn’t felt so. Thanks to all the support from the Mentors, speakers and experts – always available at clubhouse.

It was always on my agenda to attend sapteched but I was not able to make it earlier sorry for that. 🙂

I was fortunate 🙂   to meet in person people who has being inspiring me

Chip Rodgers

Marilyn Pratt

Matthias Steiner

Craig Cmehil

Rajshree Jani


Mark Finnern


Michael Falk

Hester Hilbrecht

Rui nogueira

Dipankar Saha

Abesh Bhattacharjee

Jeffrey Word

Moshe Naveh

Thanks to all for being in India.

Learnings form #SAPTechEd >> I am HANAfied 😉

Here I will not discuss about my session learnings but will try to summarize my overall general but much needed learnings from SAPTechEd. Being at the event in person gives you a lot of learning, it will all start from the day when you get register yourself for SAP TechEd. When I reached at KTPO SAP TechEd venue first day was bit nervous to see huge queue at the kit collection counter, but it all passed within few moments. Once you collect the ID and kits your actual “real time” learning will start once you step into the Keynotes Theater you can hear many folks like you talking and discussing all the technologies and topics what you wished to hear from an expert. “My recommendation don’t just bump into some expert with a topic as there are chances that you might miss something important which is on your agenda”, instead  just have a walk around all the pods and booths including clubhouse and rearrange your timings, when and where you want to be in-between your lecture and Hands on sessions. “LESSON LEARNED: – On the spot time-management” 🙂 . Other than that don’t hesitate to ask anything to anyone, even if it’s not mentioned in TechEd agenda, thanks to social media team, who encouraged me to tweet and find out the respective mentors – if you are not able to find them. “LESSON LEARNED: – Networking” 🙂 don’t be left behind just because you don’t know the right person for that – if it is so then use your social media tools. As this is my first blog ever and this only happened after SAP TechEd one of the best “Lesson I learned in TechEd is don’t just say but >> put your thoughts into words and then see the magic. 🙂 as Matthias Steiner said just start writing, with mistake you will learn eventually. 

Thanks to Marilyn Pratt and Hester Hilbrecht   for giving me a chance to discuss and understand Design thinking – after missing Inno-Jam and Design thinking hands on in SAP TechEd 🙂 .

What went missing @SAPTechED   

We all know that SAP TechEd is a premium event organized by SAP but this year few key agenda/exhibition/topics/certification was missing.

  1. No SAP HANA certification in SAP TechEd, though this SAP TechEd was more about SAP HANA, but it went missing from SAP TechEd certification list….!! WHY ??
  2. There was a lot of buzz about HANA SPS 05 release but there was no demo or any exploitation available on that.
  3. Much awaited DT of HANA demo…. Why..??
  4. If we look into Madrid key note then there was an announcement and a demo of #RDL here it was nothing, not a single person was there to answer any question on #RDL.  Why?? (Thanks to Matthias Steiner was finally able to explain some of my doubts on RDL.)

Wishlist 🙂 for next #SAPTechED: 😉  

  1. Next SAP TechEd season kick-off from India as this year it all started from Las Vegas 🙂
  2. More and more hands on session as now we can register for only two hands on session it would be great if we can register up to 4 or 6J
  3. Lectures should be with some demos also other than PowerPoint presentations.
  4. If there is some new announcement in other SAP TechEd keynote then please make sure that it goes to next SAP TechEd as per knowledge sharingJ
  5. 3 day seems less, it can be extended 4 days to a week other than Inno-jam and SAP Techniversity. 🙂  


SAP Teched has been a great learning event for me and luckily for me it all went well as planned, but would have learned more if time would have allowed me to do soI am sharing my three key learnings from this year SAP TechEd India: Be flexible with time and plan your move with interest of time (Time management), Network well as much you can for good, discuss your problem wrt technology and innovation and put your actions into words, i.e. share your thoughts and learnings, and don’t be afraid of mistakes as with mistakes your learning begins. 🙂

Had a great TechEd Bangalore 2012!!! 🙂 Looking for more..!! 🙂

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