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Automatic Master Data distribution using Change Pointers and IDOC


This article will describe in detail how to distribute the master data automatically and how to create and active the change pointers using IDOC.

In this article, we will take the example of material master data with the message type as “MATMAS”.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Activate the Change Pointers

Before we actually active the change pointers for the message type through which we will be distributing the master data. To do this, go to the transaction BD50 and search for the Message type.

  Since in this example we are considering the Material Master data distribution, we will consider the message type “MATMAS”. Please refer below screenshot.


Step 2: Adding the Segment name and the fields which we want to be distributed.  

In order to add the segment name and fields, we have the transaction code BD66.


Click Ok. After that add the respective entry and save.


Step 3: Create a BATCH JOB which will trigger after every 15 minutes and distribute data via IDOC.  

In order to create batch job, go to transaction SM36 and fill the required fields as shown below.


After that set the “Start Condition” and the follow the instruction. Please refer below screenshot for reference.


It will execute after every 15 mins and check if there are any changes to the material master data using standard program RBDMIDOC.

In case you want to test your development changes without using the batch job; please follow below steps. Once everything is working as expected; activate the batch job and it will distribute the data.

Batch job will execute the REPORT RBDMIDOC (tcode BD21) for your MESSAGE TYPE to create IDOC. 


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