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The ultimate set of HANA related links from SAP

As part of my adventure on learning HANA – especially on AWS – I’ve put together that I call the “ultimate set of HANA links” so that I can find what I need easily. It’s a compilation of links that I followed by looking up documents and then clicking on the related documents and then categorizing them. With out further ado, here are the links.


Getting Started with HANA on AWS –

Step by step instructions for setting up SAP HANA on AWS –

HANA Overview

SAP HANA Appliance Software  document list (many locked docs) –

Whitepaper – Technical Overview SAP HANA – &

(New – updated for SPS5) What’s New – Release nodes –

(New – updated for SPS5) SAP HANA Administration Guide (includes HDBSQL reference) –

(New) SAP HANA Technical Documents ZIP file –

Understanding HANA One –

HANA One quick start –

HANA Technical White Paper –

Product Road Map – SAP HANA –

Licensing / Pricing –

SAP HANA Hardware Specifications & Product Availability Matrix (PAM) –

Deep Dive into the SAP In-Memory Technology, Strategy, and Roadmap –

HANA Deep Dive –

Enterprise Architecture and HANA –

Master Guide to HANA –

(New – updated for SPS5) Technical Operations Manual – SAP HANA – (old)

System Order – SAP HANA –

Overall Installation Guide – SAP HANA 1.0 –

Installation & Configuration Overview – SAP HANA –

Installation, Implementation, Master Guides –

Studio Installation and Update Guide – SAP HANA In-memory Database SP04 –

Server Installation and Update Guide – SAP In-Memory Database –

Client Installation and Update Guide – SAP In-Memory Database 1.0 –

Efficient Transaction Processing in SAP HANA Database –

HANA for Developers

SAP HANA Developer Center in SAP Developer Center

The Road to HANA for Software Developers –

SAP HANA SQL Reference Documentation –

What’s New Release Notes – SAP HANA Appliance Software SPS 04 – What’s New – Release Notes.pdf

(New – Updated for SPS5) SAP HANA SQLScript Reference –

(New – Updated for SPS5) SAP HANA Developer Guide –

(New for SPS5) SAP HANA XS JavaScript Reference –

Technical Documents – SAP HANA –

Master Guide – SAP HANA SPS4 –

(New – Updated for SPS5) SAP HANA Security Guide –

(old) Security Guide – SAP HANA –

(old)Security Guide – SAP In-Memory Database –

Security and Authentication – SAP HANA –

Overview – SAP HANA Studio –

Modeling Features – SAP HANA –

SAP HANA Modelling Guide PDF –

Implementing Calculation Views – SAP HANA Modeling –

Aspects of the HANA-optimized InfoCube –

SQL Script in Nutshell –

SAP HANA Database – Partitioning and Distribution of Large Tables

HANA Analytics and BI Tools including BOBJ

(NEW 12-8) BusinessObjects on AWS Marketplace –

(New for SPS5) SAP HANA Information Composer –

Memory_How BI will change_.pdf –

Analytics Overview – Predictive Analytics with SAP HANA –

(New – updated for SPS5) SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) Reference –

(old)Predictive Analysis Library Manual –

(New – updated for SPS5) SAP HANA Business Function Library (BFL) Reference) –

(old) Business Function Library Manual –

Integrating R with HANA –

When SAP HANA met R ––first-kiss


High level steps of using SAP HANA and BI 4.0 tools –

Best Practices – Creating a universe on SAP HANA –

Using SAP HANA Variables with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 –

Setting up end to end security for SAP HANA and BI4.0 –

Installation Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Information Platform Services 4.0 Feature Pack 3 –

What’s new guide – SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office 1.2 SP5 –

What’s new guide – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0 –

User’s Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 FP3 –

User’s Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Rich Client 4.0 FP3 –

FAQ for IT – SAP BusinessObjects Explorer –

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on BW on HANA –

Overview – Operational Reporting –

HANA Clients for different Reporting tools and their relations ships –

Unstructured Data –

Turbo Charge Big Data Analytics with SAP HANA and Hadoop –

Data Services

Data Provisioning – SAP HANA –

SAP HANA Information Composer V 1.0 – External Data Upload –

Extractor-based Data Acquisition by SAP HANA Direct Extractor –

Using the Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) –

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.1 –

Installation Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 4.0 –

How To… load SAP Business Suite data into SAP HANA using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services –

Data Services Administrator’s Guide – SAP BusinessObjects –

SAP System Landscape Transformation SLT –

ETL – Extraction Transformation Loading –

Installation Guide – Trigger-Based Data Replication SAP HANA –

Overview Presentation – SAP LT Replication Server for SAP HANA –

Whitepaper – LT Replication Server –

Webinar: Replicating Data into the SAP HANA Database Using SAP LT Replication Server –

SAP LT Replication Server for SAP HANA SPS03 –

Replicating SAP system tables in HANA using SLT –

(New – Updated for SPS5) Security Guide – Trigger-Based Replication (SLT) SAP HANA – (old)

(obsolete) Security Guide – Log-Based Replication (SYBASE) SAP HANA –

(New – Updated for SPS5) Security Guide – Database Replication Security Guides – BODS –

How to invoke SAP HANA stored procedures from Data Services –

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Introduction – SAP HANA Data Center Readiness –

Introduction to High Availability for SAP HANA (NEW 11/27) –

Readiness Guide – SAP HANA

High Availability & Disaster Tolerance – SAP HANA –

Update & Patching – SAP HANA –

Manual Update Guide – SAP HANA 1.0 –

Administration & Monitoring – SAP HANA –

Administration Guide – SAP HANA In-Memory Database –

Backup and Recovery Guide – SAP In-Memory Database –

Database Persistence – SAP HANA – – also see 0102 – Foundation – Persistence in HANA.pdf


For real: Performance of the same SQL comparing Hana and another RDBMS –

Whitepaper – SAP HANA Performance –

Performance Test Report – SAP HANA –

SAP HANA Performance: 100TB Performance Test Results –

SAP HANA Memory Usage Explained –

Scalability – SAP HANA –

How to Delta Merge for SAP HANA –

SAP HANA-System Tables and Monitor Views Reference –

Query Performance – BW powered by SAP HANA –

Performance tuning tip to accelerate first query request Video –

SAP HANA SQL Optimizer Video –


Strategic Direction and Evolution – Data Warehouse Solutions from SAP –

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.3, powered by SAP HANA –

Overview – BW Powered by HANA –

General Information for BW on HANA –

How To Size SAP BW on HANA – &

Mixed scenarios: BW on HANA and HANA datamart –

EDW and HANA –

Automated Processes for BW on HANA Migration –

Installation, Implementation, Master Guides for BW on HANA –

SAP NetWeaver 7.30 – BW Systemcopy ABAP –

DBA Aspects –

BW Housekeeping Tasks –

Important Housekeeping Principles for keeping your SAP NetWeaver BW in good shape –

Data Modeling –

Reporting on HANA models in BW-on-HANA –

Security / Authorization for HANA and BW –

Upgrade / Migration for BW objects –

Upgrade / Migration – General –

Java Stack for BW on HANA –

BW Planning Applications (IP) on HANA –

ABAP and developing on BW on HANA –

Mixed scenarios: BW on HANA and HANA datamart –

Data Modeling – BW InfoProviders –

BWA – SAP BW Accelerator vs HANA BW – &

SAP First Guidance – SAP Netweaver BW 7.30 on HANA Inventory InfoCubes –

HANA Based Solutions

What kinds of applications are being delivered on top of SAP HANA? –

Overview – Rapid Marts –

Period-End Closing –

Pricing Analytics –

Overview – SAP CO-PA Accelerator –

Profitability Analysis CO-PA –

Overview – Finance and Controlling Accelerator –

Info providers and data sources – SAP ERP RDS for Accelerated Finance and Controlling –

Analytical Banking – SAP HANA –

Banking Transaction History & Spend Analysis –

Liquidity Risk Management –

Enterprise Risk Management –

Real Time Enterprise Risk Reporting –

Overview – Deposits Management for Transaction History Analysis –

Real-Time Stress Testing Banking –

Overview – SAP Smart Meter Analytics –

Strategic Condition Management –

Market Basket Analysis for Promotion Management –

Scope – SAP ERP RDS for Accelerated Finance and Controlling with SAP HANA –

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