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SAP NetWeaver Gateway @ SAP TechEd Bangalore 2012 – Day 2

The day started with a SAP TechEd TV live interview with our partners. We had Imran Mohammed from Enteg Infotech and Chandrasekhar Sundararaman from Maventic. You can watch the replay using this link.

Imran and Chandra provided their insight about their company, the product they got certified. They also provided feedback on SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Imran and Chandra at the SAP TechEd live

Chandrasekhar Sundararaman and Imran Mohammed.jpg

Shiri interviewing the partners; the TV journalist

Shiri Levi.jpg

All on TV.jpg

The next stop was the lecture session CD204 – SAP NetWeaver Gateway and OData in detail.

Shiri Levi and Jobin John explained SAP NetWeaver Gateway in detail here. For the Technologist at TechEd Jobin explained OData and how OData command work.

However, the best part of CD204 was presentation and Demo of partner solution by colleagues from Enteg and Maventic.

Imran from Enteg presented their solution integrating Sales with SAP using SAP NetWeaver Gateway. He also gave a demo of the solution.

Amshuman from Maventic presented their Delear Connect solution which would help companies provide a platform to integrate their delears to the SAP system using SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Shiri and Jobin.jpg

Shiri Presenting.jpg

Jobin Presenting.jpg

Imran presenting solution developed by Enteg

Enteg Demo 2.jpgEnteg Solution Brief.jpg

Anshuman presenting solution developed by Maventic

Maventic Solution Brief.jpg

Maventic Demo.jpg


There were many questions to Imran and Anshuman about their solution and how they integrated with SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Participant asking Question.jpg

Day 2 of SAP TechEd was again a very active and day for SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Personally, it was great to be on SAP TECHED Live twice 🙂

Day 3, Jobin presents PMC206 – SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP NetWeaver Gateway – when to use what.

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    • Hello,

      Thanks Imran for the answer.

      OData services provided by the Gateway server can be consumed
      from SFDC (Apex/VisualForce) platform like any other web services. Using the
      metadata files generated by gateway, one needs to form the request xml, pass it to gateway and parse the response xml file to retrieve the data and show it in
      salesforce screens. Additionally you have to take care of tokens and
      authentication credentials.