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Removal of Context Node from the Web UI Component

Removal of Context Node from the Web UI component is not a single step process. We can’t delete it directly.

When we right-click on the context node we won’t find the delete option to delete it.


In case you create a new context node or enhance an existing one, the reference not only comes in the CTXT at one place but actually goes at other places as well. Once we create a context node a method, an attribute will be created in CTXT class.

Here is the step-by-step procedure of deleting the context node effectively.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. First go to CTXT class and in methods delete the method of the context node which we want to delete. For example , here we will delete the context node ZHEADER.


  2. Delete the attribute created by the same name(here, ZHEADER) as that of the context node from the attribute Tab of the CTXT class.


  3. Remove the calling of method (CREATE_ZHEADER) in CTXT class Method CREATE_CONTEXT_NODES. And Activate CTXT Class.


Now, the context node ZHEADER is deleted.


This is how the context node can be deleted.



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    • yes you are right ,, and there is also another way .. right click on the view and click on delete and it will show up all the classes created for the contexts . delete the related one.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the article, really informative!

    Some additional points:

    1. If the Context node XX had a parent context node, you would also need to delete the code pertaining to the context node from the method CONNECT_NODES(), contained in CTXT class.

    2.  As mentioned by Vinodkumar, from Page attribute of the .htm page, delete the attribute under the name of the Context node XX to be deleted.

    3. Open the main class, eg. if you want to delete the context node XX created in IUICCON/ContractList, open the class CL_IUICCON_CONTRACTLIST and delete the code pertaining to the Context Node XX from the method SET_MODELS().