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OLI*BW where * is the Application number – It does not work all the times.

whenever I fill a setup table I will go through many threads in SCN and find the correct T-code.

So thought to share the list of T-Codes for filling setup tables here.

T-Code Purpose
OLI1BW INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts
OLI2BW INVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. Stocks
OLI3BW Reorg.PURCHIS BW Extract Structures
OLI4BW Reorg. PPIS Extract Structures
OLI4KBW Initialize Kanban Data
OLI6BW Recompilation Appl. 06 (Inv. Ver.)
OLI7BW Reorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: Order
OLI8BW Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Delivery
OLI9BW Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Invoices
OLIABW Setup: BW agency business
OLIB PURCHIS: StatUpdate Header Doc Level
OLID SIS: Stat. Setup – Sales Activities
OLIE Statistical Setup – TIS: Shipments
OLIFBW Reorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. Structs
OLIGBW Reconstruct GT: External TC
OLIH MRP Data Procurement for BW
OLIIBW Reorg. of PM Info System for BW
OLIKBW Setup GTM: Position Management
OLILBW Setup GTM: Position Mngmt w. Network
OLIM Periodic stock qty – Plant
OLIQBW QM Infosystem Reorganization for BW
OLISBW Reorg. of CS Info System for BW
OLIX Stat. Setup: Copy/Delete Versions
OLIZBW INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification

I will gather Extractor wise list of T-codes details and post in next post.

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  1. Vince Lu

    1. firstly, as far as remember, the t-codes have been posted here and there.

    2. just to find the description, se93 -> oli*bw -> F4 is enough..

    3. my suggestion would be add the application number, such as 03 to oli1bw..

    4. oli1bw is too old, very very few customer should be using it..

    5. MCNB is missing.

  2. Former Member

    Thanks .

    Would suggest to add other tcodes/programs related to setup so that your blog can be used as an reference for everything related to setup.

    You can add tcode such as LBWG , NPRT  and Program such as RMCEX_SETUP_ENTRIES.



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