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SUP mobile Workflows in an occasionally disconnected environment

Very interesting article by Daniel Van Leeuwen on using SUP mobile workflows in an occasionally disconnected environment. Which I would say is a typical environment for most truly useful apps.

The typical recommendation from SAP for an occasionally disconnected environment is to use the Object API in a native application which provides a local copy of the synchronised data on the mobile device. The App code that is demonstrated in this example shows functionally how a mobile workflow can also be used instead and be easy to code and understand. Daniel brilliant code 🙂


This sample looks at how mobile workflows can be used when a mobile device’s data connection is occasionally disconnected.

Mobile workflows provide the following features for use in occasionally disconnected states:

– Notification or message inbox where items that require attention are stored.

On-device cache which stores previously executed online requests for a configurable amount of time.

Secure on-device storage which uses an API similar to HTML Web Storage.

– Asynchronous submit allows for Mobile Business Object (MBO) operations to be placed in a queue on the device which are processed the next time the device has a data connection

To download the ful code visit here:

The sample includes an excellent tutorial.

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  • Hello! Hope everyone is fine!

    I downloaded the project, installed into my SUP 2.1.3, ran the script and I tested the app, so I did all the steps to run this app. But I found some failures, I hope you could help us.

    So, if I create a new ticket or update, I press the "submit ticket changes" and at first, my changes and creations are in the list. That's awesome.
    But, if I close the application all the data are lost. Wasn't it do storage in a db?

    Can someone explain me or correct that? I am trying to find another way to storage in fact into a db.

    Thank so much!
    Best regards