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SAP NetWeaver Business Client 4.0 Patch Level 3: Summary

On Friday, 9th November, SAP NWBC 4.0 SP0 Patch Level 3 for Desktop was released to SAP AG external customers & partners.

To download this latest patch free:

  1. Follow this link to SAP Market Place (SMP) Patches: SAP Marketplace : Support Packages and Patches .
  2. From the A-Z Index, N ® NetWeaver Business Client ® NWBC NW Business Client 4.0 ® Win32.
  3. Then follow the instructions on the page that opens.

For more details on how to obtain this patch, please see SAP Note 1707626

Patch Level 3 includes various usability enhancements, including the following:

Organizing and arranging your NWBC windows

You can already arrange your tabs using Drag & Drop . Now, within one system connection, you can

  • Open a new window by dragging a tab out of the window
  • Reorder tabs within one window and between windows

With PL3, NWBC now also adheres to Windows Aero Snap:

Clicking and dragging a window to the right or left side of the desktop causes the window to fill the respective half of the screen. Snapping a window to the top of the desktop maximizes it. Resizing a window to touch the top or bottom edge of the screen maximizes the window to full height, whilst retaining its width; these windows will then slide horizontally if moved by the title bar, or can be pulled off, which returns the window to its original height.

Working with different system connections

You can now log on to a system using quick selection. Choose the Log On menu option. This menu shows a selection of the last used system connections. The currently active connection is highlighted. If you want to use another system connection, you can access the system selection dialog from here. Connecting to a system this way starts a session in a new window without closing the current system connection.

❗ You can view the system and user information in the status bar in NWBC. This helps you to keep an overview of the systems you are currently using when you have multiple windows open in parallel. Activate this option either in the NWBC Personalize… dialog or via the status bar of SAP GUI.


Enabling SAP GUI OK Code

By default, NWBC 4.0 launches SAP GUI applications without displaying the OK code field. This is fine for “normal” usage since you can start transactions from the Quick Launch in the NWBC shell. However, sometimes you need to enter other OK codes – such as /h for debugging. You can now activate the command field for SAP GUI transactions in your personal settings.

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    • Hi Ulrich,

      I will blog about PL5, since it will include new features, but not PL4. (PL4 is a patch, offering corrections, not new features.)

      One correction in PL4, which may be of interest, is that end users can once again change the tab icon (choosing from predelivered work center icons, not custom icons). In 3.5, you could change the work center icon, and many users wanted this feature back, understandably.