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Information Platform Services (IPS) Installation

In this blog i amexplaining the stand alone installation of IPS 4.0 SP2 as a CMC to Data Services 4.0. This is the first part of the blog and in the subsequent parts i
will explain the installation of DS 4.0 (stand alone) and configuration.
The installation is carried out in Windows operating system Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2008 R2
as database. Though DS 4.0 comes with SQL database, I preferred to install a separate database and configure with data services. If you are planning to
install DS 4.0 with the bundled database then SQL console needs to be installed separately during the installation process.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements varies depending on the requirement. I have decided to go with the the minimum required of 30 GB free disk space and 8 GB memory.

Pre-requisites (for more detals please refer SAP document)

I installed the following supporting software as prerequistite before the actual installation.

  1. Microsoft .NET 4.0
  2. Adobe flash player
  3. Java updates

     Before the installation of IPS, I installed SQL Server 2008 R2 with SQL authentication and created a user name and test database.


Execute the exe file and the first screen checks for prerequisites. Any critical failed components need to be installed before proceeding.


After the prerequisities enter the company name and product key code in the next screen (not shown here). Click next to accept the license agreement. Also choose the language pack (I chose English) needed. You will be asked to select the Installation type – Full, Custom/Expand and Web tier.

  I selected ‘Custom/Expand’ option to have more flexibility in chosing and selecting the components required.


You are asked to chose an installation directory and i decided to go with the default directory. Personally, when ever i install i prefer to chose the default directory to
avoid future configurations and any other assoicated issues associated with it.


Since i selected the Custom installation option, i chose web-tier, platform services and administrator tools for my installation. I didnot chose the database access,
because i do not have any plans to access any other external DBs.


You can also expand each of the features and custom select the required sub components. Also one can see the disk utilization for all/each feature separately by clicking the “Disk Cost”. In the subsequent screens, you would be ask to configure the nodes and ports fro SIA and CMS.


The above picture is self explantory asking one to chose between a new IPS or expand the existing one. Since i do not have an existing IPS, i go for the first option.

For convenience, i maintained the default SIA and CMS port as shown below.



Those who have installed Business Objects would be familiar with the below screen. Like BOXI, you have to configure a CMS account creating Administrator account/password and cluster key.


In next screen, we have to enter SQL Server credentials for the data base. Though I installed an SQL version I choose to deploy an SQL instance through IPS. Default user account is chosen for both the SQL and IPS.


No change in the default port values for HTTP and application servers (Tomcat), which is part of the IPS bundle.


For the subversion installation, which is basically the version control, i maintained the default port and configured the reporsitory password.


Now you are ready to install the IPS and in the post installation we have to check the access to CMC.


Post installation you will be prompted for checking the CMC and monitoring tool to configure and test the working.


After installing try login to CMC through the browser localhost:8080/BOE/CMC. Enter credentials for login, the system name should be <localhost name>:6400 (the default port chosen during installation)



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


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  • Hi Arun,

    Thanks for the explanation, very helpful

    I am facing one issue:

    I have installed IPS 4.0, the services SIA and CMC is running.

    After installation logged into CMC--->Servers--> core services.

    I am seeing AdaptiveprocessingServer status is in "Starting" and not changing to "Running". this is happening only when VPN is connected.

    If VPN is not connected all the servers are running properly. But I need to connect VPN and work.

    Please post if you have any solution. Thanks in advance.

        • Ok. Can you check the log file of APS in the IPS log folder? The file name would be some thing like "....AdaptiveProcessingServer.glf". Probably it would be a connectivity issue, check and let me know.


  • This is very cool! Thank you Arun.

    I specifically love that it is STEP BY STEP SOLUTION oriented. So many screen shots (Covering very important step). Very effective documentaion.

  • Hi Arun,

    Previously I posted one issue that is resolved now ...All the servers are running properly in CMC When vpn is connected.

    Also I am facing one issue:

    When VPN is connected we are seeing issue with DataStore type as “Adapter”. BODS is not populating adapter instance names available with given JobServer when creating DataStore in DS Designer.

    In BODS designer we are trying to create datastore type as Adapter, we configured jobserver and access server in dataservice management console.we did not see any errors. When we select jobserver the adapter instaces are not populating.

    If we disconnect VPN adapter instances are populating, It is happening with only Adapter type datastore, working fine for other datastore type like database ..

    please provide if you have any solution

  • Hi Arun

    I see below error in aps_SI_SVR_S140.AdaptiveProcessingServer_trace.000001. please help me if you have any idea||MDAS Service close() failed. An unexpected exception has occured: No current context No current context  minor code: 0x0  completed: No


              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.adapters.ebus.orb.ServiceDelegate.object_id(




              at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

              at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

              at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

              at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.modules.scope.internal.ScopeListener.fireEvent(

              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.modules.scope.internal.ScopeListener.notifyScopeStop(

              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.modules.scope.internal.AbstractScopeAgent.removeScope(

              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.modules.scope.internal.AbstractScopeAgent.removeAllScopes(

              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.deployment.AbstractPJSService.deactivateService(

              at com.businessobjects.framework.servers.platform.server.Server$

              at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(

              at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


    |F7F582609DFD4BA4ADC84BF85025CA990|2013 08 01 15:49:44.352|+0530|Error| |>>| | |aps_SI_SVR_S140.AdaptiveProcessingServer| 4152|  19|ManagedService Update Queue| ||||||||||||||||||||||Could not initialize SAML2 global configuration Could not load trusted Identity Providers













    Caused by: Could not obtain sub configurations for cfg path: default/trusted_providers/trusted_idps




              ... 11 more

    Caused by: SAML 2 configuration directory (set to "null") is incorrect! Use system property "" to specify it the correct one!





  • Hi Arun,

    This is good blog on installing IPS for Standalone Data Services Installation. I am also trying to do the same thing but not able to find out the installation setup files for the IPS in Service Market Place. Can you please help me where can I find this or do you have the installation number?



  • Hi Arun,

    I have installed IPS 4.1 SP02 and Data Service option is not there in CMC.

    All other options are there. Two times i installed with BI license key. How to solve the issue?



  • Hi,

    I am installing IPS 4.2 but its failing at this step.

    I have Windows 8, 64 bit OS. And also have installed and set up SQL Server 2012. Please help! Thanks!

    • you cannot install IPS or any server components in client machine/laptop/desktop.  try in windows server machine.

      Check PAM for prerequisites and supported platform details.

  • Hi, 


    We have installed IPS 4.2 Sp3  successfully. At the time of installation CMC amd CCM login successfully after restating the machine we are unable to login on CMC and CCM as well, Showing error could not connect to server .Please help regarding this

  • Hi,

    Currently i am installing IPS on Redhat 7.2 machine. I am getting following at the time installer is checking for pre-requisites:

    Check Prerequisites
    Summary of any missing critical or optional prerequisites.
    Succeeded: SAP BusinessObjects BI platform or SAP Crystal Server cannot be installed (Critical)
    Succeeded: Information Steward and Data Services compatibility (Optional)
    Succeeded: Operating system patch level (Critical)
    Succeeded: Information platform services 4.x cannot already be installed (Critical)
    Succeeded: Disk space in /tmp (Critical)
    Succeeded: Disk space in /var (Critical)
    Succeeded: Network settings (Critical)
    Succeeded: 64-bit operating system (Critical)
    Succeeded: Root user rights (Critical)