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To replicate the vendor master changes from R/3 to SRM on a daily basis, we need to schedule a new job “BBP_VENDOR_UPDATE_DATA_JOB”.

Step :  1

We have selected the Vendor Master # 9002876 and changed the Vendor name to Grainger to Test For VM Change update – Sada and also we blocked this vendor for all Purchasing orgs.

Vendor address details as below in R/3


Vendor # 9002876 blocked data in R/3.


Step : 2

We have verified the Vendor details in SRM and it contains with old Vendor name.


Step : 3

We need to  use the t-code SM36 / SA38 to schedule the job (create a variant based on your requirement and assign to this job) for the Program BBP_VENDOR_UPDATE_DATA_JOB on daily basis.


Step : 4

Once the job is completed in SRM the vendor# 9002876 details are successfully updated in SRM  T-code PPOMV_BBP.


Step: 5

After the Vendor master replication, we have tried to create the SC for the Blocked vendor # 9002876 and we are able to receive the error message as Vendor 0009002876 is locked for organizational unit United States Purchasing Department  (Item  t ) “ as expected in SRM portal.



Based on this job schedule in SRM  the vendor master changes in R/3  will automatically replicate from R/3 to SRM.

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