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Creating A Business Role

Business Role

A business role is the entry point into the application from an end user point of view during runtime. You can use the business role to control the navigation bar, logical links, direct links and user authorizations. Every user in CRM is assigned a business role depending upon the responsibilities and activities he/she undertakes to perform in the organization from time to time.

Example – Sales Personal will be assigned with “Sales Professional” Business Role, which includes all the activities in the sales process .

                 Marketing Personal will be assigned with “Marketing Professional” Business Role, which includes all the activities in the marketing process.

Working with Business Roles

The following two approaches to working with business roles are

  • Use existing business  (Us an existing standard business role without making changes)
  • Copy existing business roles (Copy a standard business role and make changes)

Creating Business Role

The steps to create / copy business role are :

Path:SPRO-> IMG->CRM->UI Framework->Business Roles->Define Business Role.


Select the Business Role Sales Professional.


Copy Sales Professional.


Navigation Bar Profile : The Navigation Bar Profile is the main object to control the available business content and links for a user. It contains links to all work centers that belong to a role. Work centers contain links to the search pages of the business objects that belong to each work center.

Role Config Key : We create a Role Configuration Key to make configuration unique and easy to identify. We assign the Role Configuration key to the business role to be able to view the changes made in the Web UI.

PFCG Role ID : A business role is associated with a PFCG role. One PFCG role can be assigned to only one Business Role. If you want to create/copy a business role similarly you need to create/copy the PFCG roles. 

Creating Role Config Key

Path : SPRO-> IMG->CRM->UI Framework-> Technical Role Definition->Define Role Config Key



Select New Entries and enter your key. Save.


PFCG Role:

COPY the selected PFCG role and go to T code: PFCG.



Open the Business Role screen and enter the PFCG role and role config key.


Change the name for the business role as ZSALESPRO. Save.

Assigning Business Role

You can assign a business role either at the org unit level or to a position.

  • Go to TCode PPOMA_CRM
  • Select the organization Unit. For eg: ABC Org.
  • Double click on a position, in the GOTO menu and choose Detail object–> enhanced object description.
  • Choose the info type Business Role.    
  • Go back, right click on the position and assign the user. 



Assign Business Role at TCode SU3 (test user). Maintain the parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE for the business role.


User can login with the business role assigned to him.

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