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How to get the HTML5 Version of Your Dashboard Without Publishing to Mobile


Figure 1: Select Preview in Mobile to generate the temporary files

With SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP5 (Xcelsius 2011), you have the ability to preview and publish to an HTML5 version rather than Flash. I however am not interested in publishing to the platform for consumption on mobile devices as much as I am in retrieving the raw HTML5 files.

While poking around, I discovered that you can grab the previewed version of your dashboard in HTML5 format by searching your temporary files. The location of the dashboard preview is available in a randomized folder under:


Search your Temp directory and sub-directories for a file called dashboard.html. Open the directory of the file and you’ll find the associated files as well. Save them off and test to your heart’s delight.


Figure 2: Search for the dashboard.html file in your temporary directory to get the files for your HTML5 Dashboard

Note: You must be in preview mode in Dashboards for the files to be present. As soon as you exit the preview, the files are cleaned up.


Figure 3: Look Ma! A non-Flash Dashboard in Internet Explorer

Now you have all of the files, presumably, to test out an HTML5 version of your dashboard on the desktop and other devices without needing to publish to the platform for mobile devices.

*UPDATE June 4, 2013: Ron Keler took these steps even further and was able to publish a connected dashboard in HTML5 for mobile consumption. See here: Publish CONNECTED SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius) as HTML5 OUTSIDE the mobile app! –

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