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SAP JVM 4.1 Switch Procedure


The purpose of writing this document is to provide screen by screen procedure of the sapinst tool involved in the SAPJVM switch.

Why is SAPJVM Required?

Since 1st of October 2012, SAP JVM 4 is the only supported JDK for SAP Web AS 6.40 and SAP Netweaver 7.0 systems. JDKs from other vendors are not supported anymore. Please refer to notes Note 1495160 and Note 1708967 for more information.

Downloading the Standard Installation Guide

You can download the standard installation guide for your operating system from the  under SAP JVM Switch Tool.

Please go through the installation guide before performing the SAPJVM switch.

Important Notes:

1665953SAP JVM Switch Tool Composite Note

1555341Downloading SAP JVM Switch Tool and SAPJVM 4

1367498SAP JVM installation prerequisites

1603093SAP JVM 4.1 parameters NetWeaver 2004 and 7.0

Downloading the required Software:

You can find the current download path in Note 1555341 . Please access this note for any latest changes.

SAPJVM Switch Tool:

Support Packages and Patches -> My Company’s Application Components -> Complimentary Software -> SAP JVM 4.1 Switch Tool


SAPJVM 4.1 :

Support Packages and Patches -> My Company’s Application Components -> Complimentary Software -> SAPJVM 4.1


Performing the SAPJVM switching:

Perform the below steps in every application server Instance host of your system:

  1. Make a new directory in the local filesystem of the host of SAP instance and put the two SAR files SAPJVMSWITCH<version>.SAR  and SAPJVM<version>.SAR
  2. Extract the SAPJVMSWITCH<version>.SAR  using SAPCAR and do not unpack the SAPJVM<version>.SAR
  3. Start the sapinst that is extracted from the SAPJVMSWITCH<version>.SAR file and follow the below steps:


Enter the password of <sid>adm user:


Enter the path of SAPJVM software archive:


Please go through the note 1603093  before proceeding with the next step for the parameters that is changed as of SAP JVM 4.1

Server ID parameters:




Dispatcher ID parameters:


Server Bootstrap Parameters:


Dispatcher Bootstrap Parameters:


Instance Bootstrap parameters:


Check the box below







Adapt the Instance Profiles

1.      Set the parameter jstartup/vm/home=<drive>:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\<Instance>\exe\sapjvm_4.

2.      Add the parameter SAPJVM_VERSION = <version of the SAPJVM4>

3.      Restart the SAP instance

Verifying the SAP JVM 4.1 Switch

Go to http://<hostname>:5<Instance number>00/SystemInfo and you can see the JVM version as shown below:


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  1. Former Member

    Well documented and detailed explaination of requirements and execution steps for JVM upgrade. If possible, please include backup plan and steps, in case this upgrade fails, in your next version. Thanks.

  2. Former Member

    The Document is having all the neccessary document needed for the JVM Switch. Since it is mandate to go for a JVM installation, this document will be of great help.

    1. Pankaj Pabreja Post author

      Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for the appreciation and the info. I just went through the blog. Nice work.

      I thought of writing the document as I myself struggled to find the exact procedure of JVM switching. Anyways, this document contains some additional post steps and updated notes and it adds document in the forum.



  3. Christoph Ostrop

    we are using the new downloaded tool (SAPJVMSWITCH00P_13-20008224.SAR)

    the automatically restart of the instance is now running since 61 min,

    but it seems the jvmswitch-tool did not recognize, that the system is running!!!

    what to do??? šŸ™

    will a cancel of the tool-clientsession cancel the whole execute-step ?

    1. Pankaj Pabreja Post author

      Hi Christoph,

      Sorry to reply to you late. You could have manually stopped the instance in case it was taking a long time. I hope the issue was resolved.


      Pankaj Pabreja

  4. Former Member

    Excellent blog Pankaj, self explanatory,has helped me a lot. Have one question though, is there any backout plan if some issue occurs in between. Do we have to take backup of JDK from some location?


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