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Mocking-Frameworks in ABAP Objects

I believe that the SCN has an enormous creative potential. We use to discuss our ideas online and scetch up ideas on Programming in weblogs.

SAP introduces for about several years the ABAP Unit-Framework to support unit-testing in ABAP.

To this time I thougth it would be also an announcement of an supporting Mocking-Framework.

… But noting happens 😕

Every Time I use ABAP Unit I decide If I should write Handwritten-Mocks or not. And sometimes the result is to do it not, because of lack of time.

A lot of Programmers think in the same direction and some Blogs are also published on SCN.

They are a lot of interesting Topics around Mocking in ABAP Objects:

A lot of Blogs help to understand how an Framework could or should work to develop an Mocking-Framework:

Of course, we could also start an open-source- (code-exchange-) project for an mocking-framework (Yes they exist the Project aMock , but no progress is visible…) but maybe SAP could support with an Standard-Mocking-Framework?

I´ve heard about an new created Standard-Framework for SAP HANA, maybe it is possible to down-port it to lower SAP-NetWeaver Releases?

What do you think?

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    • Hi Stefan,

      personally I don´t have such Information...

      Last Year, I saw an Chinese-Blog with Code-Snippets on the Web, but this Blog was delted after some Months.

      Maybe an SAP Employee could give some Links?