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Hi everyone!

I am posting a few demos that have been developed by interns on the product management team.  The RESTful WS API is available on BI Platform 4.0 SP5 and greater.

Please follow the youTube video links to take a look:

C# Demo using Web Intelligence RESTful Web Service SDK

Meta Reports Demo using Web Intelligence RESTful Web Services SDK. Charts were generated by the CVOM Visualization Charting Engine.

Delta Ski Alliance Google Maps Demo using Crystal Reports RESTful Web Service SDK

For more information about implementing the REST SDK, please visit my other blog posts.  You can find them at the following links:

Implementing server login in Javascript and C#

Implementing report export in Javascript and C#

FAQ for RESTful Web Services

For official SAP BI SDK documentation, please follow this link to the developer library

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Brian,

    Can you help if know if using Restful API I can hide objects and/or update the labels/descriptions of the object in the UNX created using the IDT in BO4.1.

    Also some sample code would help me begin using the API.

    Appreciate you help.

    Thank you

  2. Former Member

    Hi Brian,

    I watched your demos and it was awesome, but when i try to access the REST url “http://” + server + “/biprws/raylight/v1/documents/” + reportId + “/reports/1/export/” then it is giving error “404”.

    I just want to export SAP BI report data in below different scenario.

    1. SAP BI report with only few rows of data: This is working fine with url “http://” + server + “/biprws/raylight/v1/documents/” + reportId”;”

    2. Bug when i export report data which has huge records then it is not working only header is coming.

    3. How to set parameter before report execution.

  3. Former Member

    Hi brian park

    Can you please provide me some youtube links or other links on,

    How to use SDK, where to write the code and how to integrate the code to webi.

    actually I want to export the report consisting sections to multiple tabs in single excel sheet. (section on department; 5 departments ) each department data should save in 5 different tabs in single excel.

    you can answer where does SDK reside for SAP BO to alter the functionality of exporting to tabs in excel



  4. E. Ocula

    Bi Brian, the links under “Implementing server login in Javascript and C#:” and “Implementing report export in Javascript and C#:” are not working anymore. Can you please correct them




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