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Enhancement Framework in ABAP – Blog 4

So, in the blog 3 we have seen the explicit enhancement concept called Enhancement Point.

Now let us look into the nest concept called Enhancement Section.

Enhancement Section

As explained in the blog 1 of this series, enhancement section is the concept of creating a section out of some lines of code such that those codelines can be replaced by the code lines enhanced at the customer codebase.

From SAP Side:

Step1: Place the cursor and select the lines you plan to provide enhancement section and Create an Enhance Option.


Step2: Give enhancement section name and enhancement spot name.


Step3: Once the above parameters are given, there will be an enhancement section created.


Customer side:

Step1 : Click enhance option.


Step 2: Place the cursor at section and create implementation


Step 3: Add the implementation code for the section.


So, here ends the enhancement section.

See you all in the next blog series. keep waiting!

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