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Top 5 “Fascinating” Takeaways From SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid

SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd from Madrid was another huge success for SAP. I could dive deep on impressive metrics and stats or ramble on about the packed campus areas, theater presentations and mico-forums. But I won’t. Instead, I want to take a page from SAP Co-CEO Jim Snabe who used the word “fascinating” to great effect in his opening keynote.

Quick keynote context for the uninitiated: When Napster turned the music industry on its head, Apple deemed it “fascinating” and quickly got to work on iTunes. Everyone else clung to the old business model of compact discs. We all know how that turned out. Jim challenged SAPPHIRE NOW attendees to view extreme challenges the same way Apple does: as fascinating opportunities. And while we’re at it, why not use fascinating more in every day life? Shout “fascinating!” after hooking a golf shot, Jim amusingly suggested.

So… in the spirit of fascinating, I present to you my key SAP Social Ambassador takeaways from SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid:

1. Stay away from the “dangerous button”

While taping a banking demo for Line of Business partner in crime Sarah Kellman (@Amsterdamsel), I noticed the image looked hazy but chalked it up to some nutty viewfinder glitch. Turns out it wasn’t a glitch at all as I might’ve accidentally hit the “dangerous button”, according to our video editors, who kindly e-mailed the fascinating note below.


2. Don’t show up to team pictures

…because you can always be photo-shopped in later! Can you spot the photo-shopped social ambassadors in the picture below?

                                                 social media team2.png

3. Avoid tiny desserts with tiny spoons

Fellow ambassador Todd Wilms (@toddmwilms) and I decided that adults using American Girl-sized utensils is just not a good idea on any level, especially when trying to engage in a (tee-hee) serious conversation.


4. Cute props = social home run

When fellow cloud ambassador Schalk Viljoen showed up with his cute sidekick #FredMcCloud, I thought it was…fascinating to say the least. Well, Fred gets the last laugh. As you can see, Fred worked his charm on fellow analytics ambassador Timo Elliott and proved to be much more persuasive and influential than I ever would have imagined. Well played my cloudy little buddy!


5. Don’t ever sit across from @Amsterdamsel at dinner

Unless you want this fascinating situation to happen to you.

Do YOU have a fascinating SAPPHIRENOW + TechEd story to tell? Sound off below.

More fascinating insight awaits you @TClark01.

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      Author's profile photo Sarah Kellman
      Sarah Kellman

      Brilliant blog, Tim! Count on you to serve up another feast for the eyes in both word and image following another SAPPHIRE NOW. As for the dinner incident, chalk it up to my enthusiasm over the event. In future just pay heed to Orson Welles, whom I paraphrase here: you should serve no wine before its time...if you value your garments, that is 🙂