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Types of Infocube!!

Hi All,

  Lets first see about the Definition & Types of Infocube.



An object that can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider.


InfoCubes are supplied with data from one or more InfoSources or ODS objects (Basic InfoCube) or with data from a different system (RemoteCube, SAP RemoteCube, virtual InfoCube with Services, transactional InfoCube).

There are various types of InfoCube:

1. Physical data stores:

Basic InfoCubes

Transactional InfoCubes

2. Virtual data stores:


SAP RemoteCube

Virtual InfoCube with Services

Only Basic InfoCubes and transactional InfoCubes physically contain data in the database. Virtual InfoCubes are only logical views of a dataset. By definition, they are not data targets.

Basic Infocube

A Basic InfoCube is a type of InfoCube that physically stores data. It is filled with data using BW Staging. Afterwards, it can be used as an InfoProvider in BEx Reporting.

The structure of a Basic InfoCube corresponds to the Star Schema.

Transactional Infocube


Transactional InfoCubes differ from Basic InfoCubes in their ability to support parallel write accesses. Basic InfoCubes are technically optimized for read accesses to the detriment of write accesses. The data from this kind of InfoCube is accessed transactionally, meaning data is written to the InfoCube (possibly by several users at the same time).

Transactional InfoCubes can be filled with data using two different methods: Using the transaction of BW-BPS to enter planning data and using BW staging.

In some scenario, if an Actual data (read-only access) and planned data (read-only and write access) have to be held in different InfoCubes. Therefore, use a Basic InfoCube for actual data and a transactional InfoCube for planned data. For Creating a transactional InfoCube, Select the Transactional indicator when creating a new (Basis) InfoCube

in the Administrator Workbench.

Remote Infocube

A RemoteCube is an InfoCube whose transaction data is not managed in the Business Information Warehouse but externally. Only the structure of the RemoteCube is defined in BW. The data is read for reporting using a BAPI from another system.

SAP Remote Infocube

An SAP RemoteCube is a RemoteCube that allows the definition of queries with direct access to transaction data in other SAP systems.

Virtual InfoCubes with Services

A virtual InfoCube with services is an InfoCube that does not have its own physical data storage in BW. A user-defined function module is used as a data source.

Real-time Infocube (In SAP 7.0)

Real-time InfoCubes differ from standard InfoCubes in their ability to support parallel write accesses. The data is simultaneously written to the InfoCube by multiple users. Standard InfoCubes are not suitable for this.



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