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New projects, new issues (or as I like to think of them, learning opportunities 😆 )

While setting up the GRC / IDM integration, we encountered the following error when executing the Risk Analysis task:

Exception: (GRC RiskAnalysis:1 Exception in GRC WS API call:Bad version number in .class file).

This error message appeared in both IDM and VDS. In IDM an LDAP: error code 1 was also found. The LDAP Error 1 is listed as an Operations Error, which doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot, it’s more of a catchall error encountered when back end processes fail.

After some checking with some knowlegable Java developers I found out a few things. Basically every compiled java class has (deep down) a specific number that tells something about the version (or compliance) of the compiler.

  • Java 1.4 = 48
  • Java 1.5 = 49
  • Java 1.6 = 60

After some investigation, we found that VDS was running Java 1.5.  Pointing VDS to Java 1.6 solved the problem.

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