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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – Your First Steps to Find it, Download It

Since the announcement that SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio went live this week, several have asked how to find it to download.  Here is where I found it:

Go to

Navigate to Installations and Upgrades

A-Z Index

Select “D” for Design Studio


Once you click into it, some important information is displayed (source: SAP):

“SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio consists of two Software Components which are available for download separately:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Client – the Application Designer frontend tool for MS Windows. Technical Software Component name is SBOP DESIGN STUDIO CLIENT.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio BIP Add-On – the Add-On for BI Platform 4.0. Technical Software Component name is SBOP DESIGN STUDIO BIP ADD ON.

The installation on BI Platform 4.0 requires Support Package 05 which is avaliable for download under the BI Platform 4.0. Deployments on lower Support Packages are not supported.”

Design Studio does not require a license key.

You will see two files to download:


Note 886535 gives you more information on how to download and extract multi-spanning files.  Follow those instructions (I did not, and paid for it later).

After extracting, you can start the client-side installation (the Design Tool). 


Open the DS_CLIENT_10 folder


Double-click SAPDsx86Setup


Then click Next


At this screen above, click Next


Select the target directory and click Next

Then depending on your operating system you can launch Design Studio by going to SAP Business Intelligence -> SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio



A successful install!

Notice that I am not showing how to install the Analysis Application Services, as it states you need SP05, and I am not on that.  The installation guide walks you through those steps.

Here is the link to the installation guide:

If you don’t see it in your download, I recommend watching this video and then follow up with your account rep:

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