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SUP 2.2 is released – new features

SUP 2.2 was released yesterday and it has a good list of new features and improvements included.  As usual it is without much noise that it is released, it would be nice if SAP made a bigger deal out of these new releases, created some nice videos and blogs for us but hopefully that will come soon. 

The key theme of this new release is improved HWC, better end to end support and tracing and much more openness, placing SUP firmly into the role of a very strong Mobility Platform for apps developed with either SAP Provided tools or third party tools.  

From my standpoint these are the main features in more detail.  For full details visit Sybooks Online


With this SAP is really opening up the platform for third party tools, not just those announced earlier but others as well (Neptune is one example).  What the REST API does is to expose the platform features (security, app registration, SSO, Native notifications and configuration) to any HTTP enabled SDK.

Hybrid Web Container

  • NW Gateway and OData support for HWC
  • Native notifications (push) with NW Gateway subscriptions
  • Prepackaged Hybrid app from version 1, no longer an empty container in the beginning that then was populated with the hybrid app after intial connection to SUP
  • New Hybrid app packaging tool that can be used to package an app developed in a third party development tool such as Sencha, Appcelerator or Phonegap.  Should make it easier to take a current non SUP app and create a SUP HWC app from it for deployment to the SUP server.
  • Cordova 2.0 comes with the platform with libraries linked in and ready to use.  Now supports also Blackberry and Windows mobile along with previously supported Android and iOS.
  • New JavaScript generation for MBO API – can be created without creating the user interface component and the custom code can then be used in the third party development tools. 


Refactored OData SDK API´s, refined and enhanced.  Explicit migration from earlier versions is going to be required and might involve some coding.

DataVault class with better password policy control, check/change passwords, delete data from the vault.

Native (push) notifications can be configured through the SCC

Streaming support for large data files (unlimited size) without storing in device memory

End to End Trace


Support for Solution manager, CTS/CTS+, HP LoadRunner. 

Thats my high level overview – would be great to hear what features you find most interesting or useful.

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  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a HWC-App based on MBOs and my challenge is to integrate JQuery in a fashion that allows me to freely design the UI and at the same time to use the JS MBO API for data retrieval. With the new custom JS API I will hopefully be able to solve this issue.(Currently, I was trying to change the UI at runtime by implementing some custom code in custom.js file)

    JQuery is my first choice as Sencha Touch and Appcelerator do not support all relevant devices in this project.

    Coming to my question: Where can i download version 2.2 ?



          • Hi guys,

            I just talked to Stan Stadelman of SUP Product Management and he confirmed my knowlege of SUP 2.2 only being release into Ramp Up. This is why S-Users that are not associated with any of the Ramp Up participating companies do not see it in Service Marketplace.

            It's quite interesting to see that you can download it from the Sybase product Download Center. I am  also not sure about what exaclty you download from there. The 64bit version that I have here internally is a bit larger from what you can download there. We received a number or drops over the last couple of weeks when it was still going through Q Gate.

          • It's the name that SAP chose about a decade and a half ago for software that is not GA. It sure sounds funny but the idea is to only hand the software out to a fixed set of customers that the support stuff feels can support on a very detailed/intensive basis. It's really more a Ramp-Up for SAP support and implementation groups ( consultants ) than for the software.

  • The information I received was that SUP 2.2 was GA, from some trusted sources and when I saw that the documentation was published on friday, I took that as confirmation.  🙁   Sorry for the confusion, I am not able to confirm with my account on Sybase Product download center the availability as of now and looking at the PAM ( I do see that the status is Ramp-up with restricted availability but productive use allowed since last friday 16.11.  Hoping that 2.2 quickly goes from restricted to General availability and there are only some small last minute changes being done.  

  • Hi Bjorn,

    I have a question . Can we use an App developed in Mono in SAP SUP????

    Based on the info provided we can package an Non-sup app from Sencha,Appcelarator and Phonegap. But how about Mono ??? Is SAP planning to in future????

  • Does anyone know where I can download the latest version of the Sybase Mobile SDK (2.2)?  I have access to the ramp-up SUP 2.2 Server Runtime DVD on the SAP Service Marketplace but don't see any installations for the SDK.  I also see patches for the SDK 2.2 located in the Support Packages and Patches area but need the original 2.2 installation to patch.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • I confirm, I also only see the 32 and 64Bit runtimes under the Ramp-Up Releases. The same is true if I go the Installations and Upgrades path on the Service Marketplace. I did send a note to the solution managers asking for clarification. Will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.



    • I got a Mail from Sybase containing the link to the Sybase Download Site. There I can access all 2.2 DVDs. But these are only available to actual customers, I think.

    • I just got the note back. Don't ask why but if you look on Service Marketplace under the Ramp-Up Releases and Beta Software there are two directories. One saying "Sybase Mobile SDK 2.2" and the other one and the other one "Sybase Unwried Platform 2.2". The first one has everything SDK and Runtimes and the latter one has only the Runtimes. Weird but that's the way it is.

      Make sure you also download the SP01 from the Support Packages and Patches section in there before you get started.

      • Thank you Ingo!

        For some reason I was only given access to the ramp-up of the runtime and not the SDK, so I can't see that extra entry. Kind of hard to use one without the other! Working on getting that access now. Thanks again!

  • "... New JavaScript generation for MBO API - can be created without creating the user interface component and the custom code can then be used in the third party development tools ...."

    So, it looks like It is possible to access MBO from JavaScript from  Web Apps .. in SUP 2.2 ?

    In simple words .. I can generate a JavaScript Library from my own MBO in SUP IDE and then to use this library from any Web page in any web application ?

    Am I right ? 😕

    • Hi Excepts,

      Can please guide me or provide me information as we are planing to upgrade SUP 2.2 SP5 to SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 SP03.

      where can to download the files of (SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 SP03.)  and pre-steps that needs to be followed.


      Thanks in advance.



        • Thanks Andrew

          Can please help me to get proper upgrade guide for SUP 2.2 SP5 to SMP 2.3 SP4 provide me,I could able find any.

          So that it will be great help as it urgent End-user as facing few issue on Older version of SUP 2.2 SP5 having compatible problem with Android latest version.

          Need few more input regarding the same.



          • Hi Andrew,

            Thanks for above information,

            If we are upgrade SUP 2.2 SP5 to SMP 2.3 SP4 ,we will not change SDK of SUP and SMP will be installed long with existing SUP,

            As below info that got - (

            The supported installation scenarios for SAP Mobile SDK version 2.3 SP04 are:
            Existing SAP Mobile SDK 2.3.x installations – 2.3 SP04 is a shelf replacement for 2.3. You can upgrade directly from 2.3.x to 2.3 SP04.
            Existing Sybase Unwired Platform SDK 2.2.x – you can install 2.3 SP04 alongside an existing 2.2.x installation, but cannot upgrade the installation.
            No existing SDK installation – you can install SAP Mobile SDK version 2.3 SP04 directly.
            You can install or upgrade 2.3.X to version 2.3 SP04 of the SAP Mobile SDK on the same
            System as an earlier version of the SDK, for example 2.2.X. The earlier version of the SDK is not upgraded and you can use both versions as needed.

            How complex having both SUP and SMP on same server ?

            Can please advice on this,

            About SMP 3.0 was also released now,