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Subjective Assessments in SSM10

This post is a result of a question that was asked by José Luis de Rosario Sánchez-Simón. His question was “How do Subjective Assessments work in SSM10” ?

The ability to add a Subjective Assessment is new functionality that has been added to allow a KPI owner to set the status for each period and also add an explanation(subjective assessment comment). Please note that this is available as an extra to the normal calculated status. We are planning to use this functionality as a work around for being able to extract user comments out of SSM which was a real drawback in SSM7.5.


You need to check the subjective assessment option in Strategy Management Administrator > Administration(Set Defaults).


  • Ensure that you are the OWNER of the KPI


  • Go to KPI Details page > Click on the black arrow under Subjective Assessment. Select the Subjective Assessment Status indicator and provide Explanation


  • Select Format in order to bring it into the scorecard overviews page.


Please note that the explanation is cut off. This is something I have raised (see my entry When you hover over subjective assessment comment though you are able to see the full text. You are also able to export it to a CSV Format.

Final Subjective Assessment.png


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